A Sudden Need for Motion

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Truth.

My spiritual guides have been incredibly active for the past few weeks.  It’s been epiphany after epiphany, as if some great  veil  is being  lifted.  I’m settling  into a new mindset and staying aware of all these intensities going on around me.

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Which isn’t easy. Any upsets that clobber  me emotionally tend to cast a blanket  over the empathy  and I can’t feel it through the toxicity of other people’s  issues thrown at me. But I’m tearing those issues away from me, like cobwebs away from my face when I walk through the woods at night.

Over the past day, I’ve had an incredible urge to do something  I’d  said I wouldn’t  do.  To  write  something personal (not here) that I’d said I wouldn’t touch. I had good reason when I declared that before, but it’s changed now. The reasons for writing it, the results, it’s all different now.

Because my mindset is different.

My intuition is screaming to do this now, that it must be now, and if I do it now, there will be results by Fri- day’s eclipse, whether I know them or not by that time. If I wait until next week or next month or later in the year, what I must write will not reach its intended audience.

The Wheel of Fortune turns, and the time is now to act or,  because  of something happening after this week, this opportunity will be lost.

My guides whisper in my ear. They tell me that if the results  are  something  I  want,  I  must  make  an  active choice, that I must call in what I want and make it happen.  I  cannot  let  indecision  decide.  I  cannot  wait  for someone else to act. If this is to happen, I must call it in…now. I must take the steps to make it happen. Here, now.

It’s my choice. And I’m choosing  to write furiously and get it into the mail tomorrow.


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