Memories of the Future

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Curves.

Positive thinkers are huge believers in magick, even if they don’t know what it’s called and can’t explain it.

The Long-Awaited Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy

My mentor isn’t pagan and doesn’t particularly understand  quantum  physics,  or magick, or why affirmations work, which is why I was smiling all throughout  her explanation. She is helping me to focus  on several things, including  replacing  bad  habits  and  negative  behaviors with good habits and positive thinking. She’s also helping me to focus on what exactly I want out of my future.

“The mind remembers things that have happened in our past,” she said, “but when it relives a memory, it puts you in the present with that memory.  The mind doesn’t recognize that the moment is gone.”

I agreed. It’s why we sometimes  spend our lives in the past,  because it was more pleasant there or we felt loved, or maybe we just  want to wallow in the moment when pain came and try to rewrite it and it never gets rewritten, just relived.

”When you visualize your future,” my mentor continued, “then your mind doesn’t understand that it hasn’t yet happened. It thinks what you visualize is as real as what you remember. It doesn’t put a time with  a  vision. And then—we don’t understand how it works or why—your mind draws what you envision to you.”

I grinned. I understood why. Yet, I still needed some help in visualizing all the things I want.

She suggested  I choose  3 areas of my life, to start with, each with my life purpose in mind. Oddly, I picked ones I felt a little ambivalent about.

The Relationship Vision:

I have a partnership of mutual respect, trust, and love where we share openly and help each other grow and individuate fully…together. We enjoy each other’s company and we bring positive new experiences  into the relationship. We support each other’s dreams. We are willing to explore the Universe through our own connection on a physical,  emotional, intellectual, psychological, and spiritual level—and soul level.

The Health/Appearance Vision:

I have energy and stamina. I like the way my clothes fit and I dress the way I like (I’m hot at any age, LOL!) I have long, lean muscles. I take long walks with family and friends. I look and feel great, regardless of my age. I have a glow that people notice.

I have social and spiritual gatherings in my home with food, drink, and good company. I have live music in my home. I have a few close friends and a wider community of interesting people I socialize with. My tighter circle is supportive of my goals and spirituality. I can confide in them and receive positive feedback.

Of course, I didn’t tell my mentor that I’ve had visions of the future for several years now. I just can’t see all the people around me  are  yet, just that the girls are older than they are now.