Feeling Groovy in the Angelic After Glow

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Curves.

I don’t want to sleep. I don’t want to wake up in the morning and find this wonderful feeling gone. If I had a man in my house, I’d probably keep him up all night!

The Long-Awaited Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy

I’m not sure how               long       it will last but for 2 whole days and nights,  I’ve been euphoric,  with a few tinges of impatience  or  disgust,  depending  on  the  situation,  but even then,  none of it lasts. It goes back to…sigh…an in- tense inner tranquility. Even talking to my parents about the drama of the week didn’t faze me.

I’m not sure what it is. It’s not drugs or drink or sex or even good rock-n-roll. It’s not getting taxes all finished except for proofreading  and  knowing  I’ve got a refund coming, thanks  to hurricane losses. It’s not  getting the deck finished or chores caught up. It’s not anything I can explain via the language  of astrology  or numerology or time shifts  or  Ascended  Masters  descending  all around me.

Whatever shifted, this is great. I’m not sure I can describe the sudden sense of contentment  and excitement. I’m busy as I can be trying to get obligations finished up and projects finished around the house. Not just finished, but decorating, preparing, enjoying. The girls feel it, too. Something’s happened…I just don’t know what yet.

But even though the knowledge  isn’t available to me yet, I’m okay  with it. Hear that, folks? I don’t know what’s going to happen and I’m totally okay with it. I am so connected at the moment. There’s a deep sense of faith  right now and I’m okay with being flexible and just going with what my instincts tell me to concentrate on right now.

I’m still  cleaning  out  and  clearing  out  junk  in  the house, fixing it up, creating sacred space—and the energy in the house has been amazing for several  days now. It hasn’t felt like this in an while, even when it was calm and Shannon’s Brian called it “grounding.” To me, the energy was still limbo energy.

Then  last  week  contention,   then  by  Tuesday  or Wednesday  came disconnection  as well, then the fullest of the Moon and calm, then  the shift was complete by Saturday morning.

Odd things are happening, too. Little things, amusing things. A warning dream about wasps—and finding them in time  to  drench  them  in  hornet  spray  before  they drenched me in stingers. The old computer I’d planned to give to charity, the one I’d just backed up, died on me immediately after I had everything off it that I needed—and I didn’t even realize it had been making funny noises. The CD Shannon made as the soundtrack for my life was on yesterday and it started playing faster and faster in the last 3 songs about a new world and the circle of life and going where soul  meets  body,  as  if  to  say  things  can  finally move  forward  faster  now.  The  wonderful  dreams  all night, and what wasn’t wonderful was there to warn me of specific things. Finding the credit card I thought I’d lost…in the spot I’d looked in 500 times and the girls had looked  in  for  me  another  100.  My  finding  Shannon’s notebook  she’d  lost  and  had  looked  500  times  in  the same  spot  for.  Aislinn  cheerfully  agreeing  to  wear  a sweater over a particular dress. The nice discount on the car tune-up. A potential business deal that could be really good. Getting the  last of my advance money for “Dark Revelations”,  about  4  weeks  or  less  before  it  hits  the shelves, but ooh, I needed that! All the little things  that turned up yesterday and today at just the right moment.

Did someone unlock a door? Tear down a veil? Karate-chop through a cement wall? Things are moving again. I mean, this is great. And I’m feeling peaceful and happy and willing to admit I am happy without fear of the Gods yanking it back from me (sorry, Southern Baptist-isms die hard).

Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention. I’ve been working with the  Archangels again.  Sometimes  I can almost  feel the Archangel Michael raising his sword to cut through all the blocks and threads that hinder. I haven’t felt anything this strong in several  years. I don’t want to stop  feeling  it, even when the old blocks have been leveled.


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