Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Curves.

This note accompanied a mix CD, a gift from my daughter, and quite possibly the most touching thing I have ever read in my life. Or heard. I love the way the music goes from somber to…light and Disney  and optimistic  and so full of joy. The  contents  are printed below.

The Long-Awaited Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy

The Circle of Life

I couldn’t even begin to imagine how life would be now if it’d not been for your courageous  transformation these past few years. Or maybe  I  can imagine, and so I applaud you even more. Your life is inspiring  and your love is my biggest comfort. As you well know, I express my emotions many times through the music that captures my heart. So, I hope this mix will better show those emotions.

These songs tell your story [or at least how I saw it.]

  1. “No Jokes – Fact” is a simple ambiance track that seems to sum up the calm and soothing feeling you gave my childhood.
  2. “Shelter” is one of the first songs I ever remember in which you and I would dance around the living room. It reminds me of those happy moments when I was little and when your loving protection was my entire world.
  3. “Passenger  Seat” reminds me of one of the happiest memories in my life. The trip you and I took the summer before my 8th grade. This is when we reconnected in a relationship stronger than ever.
  4. “Of  Angels  and  Angles”  starts  getting  into  the more difficult times a few years ago. The reason this song reminds me of you so much  is  the line, “There’s a low moon caught  in your  tangles.”  The  line  makes  me  re- member the tangled emotions of that period and yet you always had that low moon and your inner strength that is so beautiful.
  5. “This   Place   Is   a   Prison”   is   self-explanatory. “Pretending there’s glamour and candelabra when you’re drinking by candlelight.” It’s  that dark, slow time where nothing seemed right. The darkest dark before the light.
  6. “Jasmine Runs Away” is the breaking free.
  7. “Calendar Girl” is that harsh period after you filed for  divorce   and  in  the  long  months  that  followed. “Calendar girl who’s in love  with the world, stay alive.” Though it still seems to have a hope for the future.
  8. “Doing the Unstuck” is the reclaiming of your fire. “It’s a perfect day for a letting go, for setting fire to boats and bridges and other dreary worlds you know. Let’s get happy.”
  9. “Thank You. “  “How bout remembering  your divinity?”
  10. “Soul Meets Body.” Two reasons for this song. 1)your soul meets body and that is a rare and wonderful thing 2) this is  the time where he comes along and you two seem to connect on so many levels, but especially the soul level.
  11. “Purpose.” “It’s that little flame that lights a fire under your  ass.”  Because you are one of the lucky few who knows their life’s purpose and realizes how to honor that purpose.
  12. “Circle  of Life” reminds me of new beginnings and of bright new days. The wheel of life keeps turning and I can’t wait to see where you take it next.
  13. “A Whole New World.” Sorry to be obvious and cheesy with a Disney song, but do you get the point?


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