Thoughts Have Power

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Tilt.

How often have I heard that thoughts  have power? Not just in reference to magickal intent, but also in terms of science and water molecules and the effect of a literal word of kindness or love taped to the jar of water?

The Long-Awaited Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy

Mentally, I’ve been on strange turf since last Friday

afternoon when I felt a sudden shift of energy as if some- thing old was  ending and the new was just around the corner. As Aislinn said,  “Mommy, it’s like we’re on the last page of the old chapter and getting ready to turn the page or maybe even start a new book.”

I’ve kept my head in a remarkably “in-the-moment” kind of place. Little or no worrying over the past or the future, just calling in the Highest Good and waiting to see where I go next and feeling very free and open to what- ever comes. That’s right—not my usual self at all.

I’ve been quite happy these past few days. Excited. Happy. Peaceful. Content. Just going with the flow.

Last night, I was so excited about my life and things to come that  I  could barely sleep. Okay, I didn’t sleep. Not until after 2 a.m.

In the morning, I bounced out of bed—something  I also don’t usually do. I had my mind set that it was going to be a great day and I  knew exactly how I planned to spend it and end it. Wonderful stuff!

Then one  small  thing  happened  that  destroyed  my day.   Something was said to me,  quite well-meaning and innocently intended, meant to protect me, said out of love and honest concern, but it called in a possibility that I hadn’t considered. A low  manifestation  of every likely future. And I’d say I shouldn’t have let  someone  else’s negative thought  destroy my day, but no matter how I fought it, it shifted my focus away from the positivity of hope and joy  and throwing caution to the winds and it yanked my focus onto something I couldn’t see happening. Except that now the possibility is there where it wasn’t before.

So instead of focusing  on something  wonderful,  I’ve spent the past 12 hours focused on something that would be nothing less than a huge disappointment, even though there’s no physical manifestation  of these  thoughts and there’s  nothing in my experience  that supports  this assumption.

I’m trying to refocus now, but it’s hard. I’ve spent my day’s energy on something unlikely but the kind of thing that  completely  sabotages  my  intuition  and  hopes  and plays on every last fear. It would have been so different if I had spent the day as a continuation  of the past couple of  days, happy and focused on a bright and joyful out- come instead of being in misery. There are things I would have done tonight that I chose not to do because of this re-focusing.

But I’m determined that tomorrow will be better and I’ll get back to my happy place, especially since the day is so crowded with activities. How? I’m trying to rewrite the negative thought implanted in my head like an explosive device that goes off every 15 minutes and destroys me. I’ve  rewritten  the  words  so  that  now  they  say,  “This week, the moon will crash into the Earth and we’ll probably all die.”

I think there’s more likelihood of a celestial head-on collision that  what’s  been  suggested, so every  time  my mind gets dragged back to the negativity, I tell myself not to worry because the moon’s gonna crash and we’re all gonna die  anyway, so what does it matter if I rush for- ward with my hopes intact?

Thoughts have power, yes, but damn it, can we not have negative thought overwhelming great stuff when it’s happening?


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