Faith in the Future You Cannot See

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Tilt.

While in Daytona,  I meet up with a High Priestess friend I haven’t seen in ages. We have a long-standing tradition of reading cards for each other whenever we do get together in the physical realm, even though I’ve never considered myself any good at it and she’s quite the ex- pert, especially  with  Kabbalah-based  cards.  But  it’s  yet another eye opener in a week full of epiphanies,  and it’s only Friday.

The Long-Awaited Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy


She “lays cards” for me, three times, for three situations I want to look at and mull over. I’m fascinated  by the choice of spreads she uses. Her style reminds me of AngelSu’s  and  her  intuition  yields very similar  results about some situations she knows virtually nothing about except from my question.

The main thing I’m confused about is the disconnect between what a private,  online writers’ group has been discussing  concerning  the publishing industry and especially the future of paranormal fiction. They’ve been com- paring royalty statements with increasing ardor for nearly a year, and they’ve seen some upsets with their publishers, one in particular. They are angry, hopeless, and with- holding, no longer sending material to their publishers, rebelling and  instead  taking  jobs at McDonald’s  but at least feeling in control somehow of their futures.

And yet, here at this conference  in Daytona, I’m not seeing anything to support their declarations.  I’ve turned my back on paranormal fiction because of so much I’ve heard from them, and yet  here, it’s all vampires,  were- wolves, witches, and demons. Not just selling but selling well. It’s the “next big thing.”

So my question is about which of so many sudden opportunities to follow. It’s like a hallway with many doors, all of them opening at once.

“There’s a man coming into your future,”  the High Priestess  says. Even  though  the  question  is specifically about me, about my future and what area of work I’m to focus on. It’s not about a man—surprise!

“Or maybe  he’s  coming  back into your  future,”  she continues. “There’s a past connection to him. You’ve met him before. Not a husband or boyfriend, though. You’re going to run into him again, and it’s a  relationship that will open up in the future for you.”

She goes on to describe this man…the color of his hair and eyes, his physique, his good looks, his approximate age. Well, hey,  thank the Gods. He’s sexy and fabulous. Too bad she doesn’t draw because I’d love to see a picture of the guy she describes…kind  of a  wanted poster, maybe? “There is a great discord with him now. His focus is  too much on his work and he’s put aside his creative outlets in favor of toil and building his financial fortune.”

She notices me as I wince. Someone that focused on money doesn’t appeal to me.

Flying By Night novel

“It’s not about the money itself. It’s about security. His mother’s given him a great gift and a great curse,” she says. “Because  of her, he plans everything. Every detail. He has to. He has to have a  blueprint for the future to make sure he’s built  the right  foundation.”  She pauses and looks into my eyes. “He has no faith in a future he cannot see, so he must plan it carefully to make it happen.”

I realize  I’ve had no faith in a future  where  all my dreams come true and I spend my life doing the work I yearn to do, all of it and all kinds of it, rather than having to choose which small part of my activities  will put the roof over my head. I can see it in the distance, often like a mirage, but I don’t know how to get from here to there.

The next cards show me a Princess of Wands, a 10 of Wands, a 7 of Cups, more.

“It’s already  manifesting,”  she  tells  me.  “You  have your dream of the life you want. It’s very clearly in your mind. You  just  have  to take  a  few  steps  to bring  the manifestation  from  the  mental  and spiritual  into  the physical.”


The next step shows me building a “body of work,” taking the blueprints I’ve already made and building creations and a life I will utterly adore. Plain and simple, it’s hard work and planning and not sitting idly by.

That doesn’t  mean  my dreams  will come  true  over night, but sometimes  the  best  way  to  make  magick  is through hard work and persistence, even when all you’ve done to date has been hard work and persistence.

This is obviously no time to stop. I’ll rest when I get there.


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