Breaking In Another Magickal Necklace

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree Tilt.

I’m breaking in a new magickal necklace. If it doesn’t break me in first!

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I’ve  never  cared  much  for  diamonds,  rubies,  sapphires, emeralds, pearls. No, give me amethyst or jade or turquoise or any of hundreds of other gemstones that call to me. For years, I’ve worn my jewelry and worn it with magickal   intent.  Whatever   adornments   I  have…mean something.

The first  necklace  I  “broke  in”  was  a  triple  moon symbol that’s been appropriated as a biohazard symbol. I wore it as a ward, long-term,  during the days following 9/11 when I desperately needed to keep my “shields” up against all the anxiety around me and at the same time, working on a  military  installation,  I wanted  my shields down enough to sense anything bad that might have been headed my way.

Another necklace  that I wore  long-term  was a thin slice of  geode my younger daughter gave me. I made a necklace  of crackle  beads and hung the geode pendant from it after the pendant had been infused with energies to give  me  calm  and  strength during  my divorce.  The necklace didn’t appear to be anything  special at all, yet strangers would cross the street to comment on it, babies would grab for it, and even my ex reached to touch it— something very unusual for him.

Last fall, after an interesting meditation, I purchased a triangular Bio-Trinity necklace and wore it non-stop for several  months.  After about  two  weeks,  the  necklace started  to  change  color, inexplicably.  Not  permanently though. Sometimes  the purple glass turned blue, some- times pink. I’d always thought of necklaces as being projective, giving off energies to me and to those around me, but that one pulled in energies.

This new necklace is most like a moldavite  circlet I wore in a couple of rituals and often as a necklace. I had to retire the necklace in very short order, except for limited exposure. The moldavite over my third eye for long periods was a little disorienting but okay. Over my heart? Whoa.

I’d never worn it longer than 20 minutes at a time and then only over my sixth chakra and not my fourth. I left for a business meeting in Albuquerque with the moldavite around my neck and a laptop under my arm. My very likable Colonel and I arrived late in the day and I settled in for a quiet evening of TV (unusual) and some preliminary reading on nuclear warheads. I made the mistake of fal- ling asleep with the moldavite necklace still on, waking up to turn off the TV, then retiring directly to bed. I woke the next morning, feeling strange and unable to decipher the reason.

During the briefings the next day, I became more and more uncomfortable at the conference table. Heart palpitations,  shortness of breath,  hot flashy  things. And we weren’t even talking about nukes yet. I seriously began to wonder  about  my health  and fear that I might  have  a heart attack right then and there with all these important people gawking at me. I touched the necklace and got a pang from it, right through my hand. I discreetly slipped the necklace off and laid it on the conference table—and all the symptoms subsided immediately.

My pulse stopped thundering in my ears. I could breathe easily.

It was  then  that  I  realized  I’d  worn  the  moldavite necklace for a solid 24 hours. How was I to know this bit of meteorite from space is really kryptonite?!

Sometime later, I relayed the experience  to a Holier- Than-Thou-But-True-Fluff-Bunny  in  my  then-Circle. “Oh, I used to get that, too, from moldavite,  but now that I’m a Third Degree High Priestess, it doesn’t bother me anymore. I can handle it. I say, bring it on!” Then she added snidely,  “Perhaps  as you get to be  closer to the Gods, you can deal with its energies better, too.”

Er, okay. Only…as I’ve gotten “closer to the Gods,” I’ve gotten more sensitive to certain energies. Particularly as my empathic abilities have heightened in the past couple of years.

It’s that way with this new necklace—extremely  sensitive. The necklace represents something very special, and it’s  all  about  love, wholeness,  the  Highest  Good.  I’ve worn it since right before my girls left for their trip. For some reason, I’d thought this necklace was going to be a transmitter  of  sorts—and  maybe  an  amplifier  for  long distances—sending  out my energies to give comfort and unconditional love to those I care deeply for.

As so often happens with these things, it’s not what I expected. The necklace does seem to amplify, but much like the moldavite, it’s bringing about physical symptoms. It’s a receiver, not a transmitter. Or maybe in addition to being a transmitter. I get chest pains when I wear it over my heart, shortness of breath, a feeling of heaviness and worry and sadness and hurt and longing and—oh! Too much, too much. It’s like I’m picking up someone else’s heartache. Then it subsides without reason.

I move it away from my heart chakra and the effects lessen. I’m going to have to wear this some other way or only for limited times. In a quiet moment, I’ll do a little filtering ritual.

I’m not sure what I’m to learn from this necklace, but I do know it’s to remind me that I’m an empath.


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