Revision Hell

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Crimes to the Third Degree.

The revisions on Dark Revelations aren’t bad at all, not really. I knew they’d want me to sex it up a bit (always a pain in the ass when the author is celibate) when the focus of the line switched several months ago to more romance than action-adventure and the romance in this story is more understated and tender than high sexual tension. But with this being book #3 in the series, there’s a ton of info I have to throw out there and keep up the fast pace at the same time.

Flying By Night novel

And Tashya’s going to let me do the great Tantric sex scene that I didn’t have room for before, but I have 20 pages to play with now. And they’re not making me cut any of the physics I’ve tossed in there.

So the problem isn’t really the revisions. It’s that I just don’t want to do them. I’m exhausted from the past couple of weeks at work, which did me in when it came to the first bug that came along and now I’ve lost 10 days to being sick, and I hate being sick. So I’m horribly far behind and have another week to get this phase of my life wrapped up.

Then I can breathe again and worry just about the day job…and taxes. Okay, by the 15th of April, things will let up. Then I can do something fun!

Meanwhile, I’m repeating to myself, “Focus, focus, focus,” and playing a Dark Revelations sound track I created to keep me focused on the story and getting it pumped up in the right places…..

Lorna’s Dark Revelations soundtrack:

– “French Connection” — Simon Stinger

– “Quiet Heart” — Jenifer McLaren

– “Crucify” — Tori Amos

– “Everyone I Love Is Dead” — Type O Negative

– “Bent for You” — Alanis Morissette

– “Tomorrow It’s Gonna Rain” — Simon Stinger

– “On the Turning Away” — Pink Floyd

– “Slow Emergency” — Jenifer McLaren

– “Holding Out for a Hero” — FrouFrou

– “Lonely in Your Nightmare” — Duran Duran

– “Bleed Like Me” — Garbage

– “Shadows of the Night” — Pat Benatar

– “Bad Moon Rising” — Rasputina

– “Future Will Blow Your Mind” — Simon Stinger

– “Bad” — U2

– “Hot HotHot” — Inertia (cover of The Cure)

– “Closer to God” — Nine Inch Nails

– “Stripped” — Depeche Mode

– “Turning into Dust” — Mazzy Starr

– “Blue and White” — Beth Waters

– “Everybody Knows” — Concrete Blonde

– “Stripped” — Drist (cover of Depeche Mode)

– “Shelter” — Maria McKee and Lone Justice

– “French Connection” — Simon Stinger