Look Away, Look Away

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Crimes to the Third Degree.

It’s always been the eyes of a man that I’m first attracted to. Eyes and hands, though I usually notice the eyes first. Especially if they’re pale-blue or gray, even green.

Flying By Night novel

Windows of the soul? Yes. There’s so much going on in there, so much beyond age and yet fully aware of the passage of years and the joy and pain etched in the iris. So much that is beautiful when you look beneath the surface.

I’ve long been aware of the impact of eye contact. During my first single-dom, I discovered that eyes have a language of their own. At 19, I could walk into any dance club with my best friend, a preacher’s daughter, and leave with the man of my choice within 30 minutes. Or dance all night, whichever I preferred. It was all in the power of eye contact.

I’m told that I’m unusual in that I maintain eye contact during conversations. Maybe that has something to do with my ability to size up their intentions. Conversely, if what I see in the soul is too ugly, I cannot bear the eye contact. It physically hurts.

In the past few years, as I’ve become more intuitive, I’ve stopped making random eye contact. I pass a man on a sidewalk and look elsewhere. I know the impact of eye contact and too often, he misunderstands. And other times, I see things I don’t want to see, things that make me withdraw or that make me nervous.

So I look away.


What a rare treat to get lost in someone’s eyes! To see everything-all the flaws and all the promise-and want to know more.

I’ll add that to my wish list….


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