Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Crimes to the Third Degree.

Just random good stuff. None of it on its own is particularly exciting, but there’s a flow to all of it together that’s rather nice.

Flying By Night novel

The way the orange and purple impatiens are filling out and looking so welcoming on my front porch.

My hair’s getting thick again. This is good, after I shed like a Lassie-Dog during the last stressful years of marriage. It’s currently burgundy, too, though I might consider going darkest brown next week. Haven’t decided yet.

The lighter energy in the house after an evening of smudging.

The incredible dinner that Aislinn cooked tonight.

Vicki’s phone call from the hospital to let me know she’s doing fine.

A spiritual gathering with “high frequency friends” and just sitting in that buzz of energy and feeling…hmmm…very high and relaxed.

Recording a chapter of a new book on my digital recorder.

The sunshine and breezes waiting just for me when I escape my office at lunch.

Coordinating my Daytona trip.

The long walk with Shannon.

Danny’s sweet tea.

Information on a week-long class in Deland, Florida, that looks very tasty.

Winning a Danielle Dax CD on eBay.

Gazing at the turquoise water as I crossed the Destin bridge, coming back from Gulf Breeze.

Downloading 19 Abney Park songs, including their cover of “White Wedding.”

My green sparkly ballet slippers.

A new electric hedge trimmer.

A brief discussion with writer-pals about long-term relationships that are happy and that they do exist and Barbara’s comment that the feeling that everyone is screwed up is normal for this particular stretch of life and that it’ll pass.

Talking to a fairly young man today whose wife has Alzheimer’s, that it’s progressing, and being very touched by his devotion to her, and realizing that yeah, Barbara’s right.


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