Energetic Connections and Chakras

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Crimes to the Third Degree.

If you’re not psychic, think Tesla. Think unified field theory. Think physics. Think energy patterns and maybe even satellite communications signals, which is what it’s most closely related to. If you are psychic, you’re with me already….

Flying By Night novel

Or think of the mother-child bond and how, when your little girl sniffles and tears up and holds up a bloody finger to show you her cut, you feel a quick physical stab into your heart. It’s all about the energy, all about the patterns of energy that flow between us.

This weekend someone tried to connect with me “energetically.” And it pissed me off. If they were able to sustain the connection long enough—I knew what it was when I felt it and repelled it within a few seconds—then they know it pissed me off. It was uninvited. It was a violation. And it was conscious on their part. Not a Higher Self or a subconscious fragment of energy reaching across the miles. Intentional. And unethical as hell.

But it made me think, too, of how I knew what was happening, how I knew where these energy signals were coming from. I know because in the past 15 months, I’ve experienced a lot of different kinds of energetic connections.

Medical Empathy:

I’ve been able to do the “medical empathy thing” (pardon the scientific term!) for the past year. I didn’t know what it was at first and it was overwhelming. It’s like opening myself for the connection and being willing to feel whatever comes. Not so much me connecting with them as me allowing them to connect. Opening a circuit, as one of my physicist friends explains it when we discuss it. When I connect with others purposely or through some pre-arranged agreement, I don’t really seem to feel it—only when the energy comes back to me.

With the medical empathy, whatever needs attention seems to be where I connect under those circumstances. I feel it as a sensation, not usually as pain, so I may feel, for example, a heaviness in the chest when it’s heart problems or a pressing down on the shoulders if it’s major emotional stress. Or a sharp pain in the elbow where they were in a car wreck years ago and the person still has trouble with her elbow. The emotional pain actually hurts worse than the physical, with the exception of feeling my father’s post-heart surgery pain, one pang of it, very physically at his bedside in ICU, and I had told no one at the time. But nowadays, I feel the sensation or pain and pass it through and all is well.

Healing and Psychic Connections:

When Jeaneen and I were working together with the Bio-Genesis and she gave me a “treatment,” we usually concentrated on healing whatever needed to be healed. I’d overexercised my injured knees, so often she would work there with her sacred geometry tools and, even though I couldn’t see what she was doing, I’d feel my knees burn and the muscles in and around them twitch, even though she didn’t touch me. And they’d feel much better. In dealing with an emotional stress, my heart chakra would ache, physically. And on a couple of occasions, as she swept that crystal-like amplifier about 12 inches above my first chakra as I reclined on the floor and—-whoa! Okay, let’s keep this PG….

Other healers and psychics would tell me, long distance via phone, that they would “connect” with me at a certain time before working with me. When Kelley made her first shamanic journey for me, I noted the time and walked outside to the little park in front of my office and stood under the oaks. That’s where I was standing, barefoot in my suit, when I felt her connect, mainly in my 6th and 7th chakras, but in my cheekbones, too, and with lots of sudden pulse pounding and an energy surge that felt like a hot flash but wasn’t. The same with Edain McCoy when she read for me, long distance. With AngelSu, I feel it mainly in my 7th chakra but I get a pulse pounding when she first connects, and if she’s doing a body scan to check for any areas of concern (so far, she’s been correct every time), I feel a whoosh through my body, almost like a laser just washed over me.

My old Circle seems to connect around my 6th chakra. Almost like I feel it in my upper cheekbones, below my eyes…almost like in my lower and upper sinuses, but on the outside, not inside. My face burns when they connect but only in certain areas. In a pattern. I get the pulse-pounding but not the hot flash/energy surge. The surge is all in my upper cheekbones.

So it’s interesting that the more psychic-oriented connections, versus those just for healing, seem to occur in the upper chakras.

Family Connections and Friendships:

My girls and I connect on all levels, but mostly in the 3rd chakras. Like we have an umbilical cord still attached, lol! We can each feel when the other is upset/anxious/hurting/calm/whatever the emotion is. I feel it similarly with Vicki and with my Mom, almost always in the 3rd chakras though if something’s wrong. It’s a gut-level connection that is sometimes calm or like butterflies in the pit of the stomach.

Interesting that I never felt much of an energetic connection with my ex. Nor do I feel one now. The closest it ever came was a repeated sense of pain in his right side, under his ribs, and I’m sure he thought I worried him half to death asking him to get his doc to check it out.

Vexing Connections:

My energetic connections with The Treat still vex me, though. Though we’ve had a lovely mental connection, I don’t feel him in my upper chakras during an energetic connection. I feel him mostly in my 3rd chakra, though at times there’s a strong swirl in the 1st chakra when I physically pass through a place where he once was physically, almost as if the ghost of his energy has been left behind. Mostly it’s the 3rd, though. Always has been, ever since I noticed the connection. The 4th chakra is a close second, then throat (5th). During a very intense moment or two, it’s been chakras 3,4, and 5 all at once. When he’s in trouble, my 3rd chakra starts screaming and I get so antsy that I feel I’m going to crawl out of my skin. There’s a subconscious part of him that just reaches out and hangs onto to me like a lifeline. Even when I’ve shielded to keep from picking up his frenetic energy when he’s reaching out, he gets through. And he doesn’t realize it. I don’t think he’s even conscious of the way he projects, reaches out, for support. But I’ve done nothing to cut him off, and I won’t. As I told him a long time ago, I’m there for him.

I understand now what Reverend Mark told me a last year about sending out love and healing into the world, even if we don’t feel the effects at the time and why we should do it anyway. As another friend says, pure intentions can open that circuit and help make that connection with others, including making that connection energetically. I also understand now what he meant about it being unethical to go digging around psychically in the lives of people not related to you or to connect will ill intent.

I see someone marching uninvited through my door, see the wind of my anger propelling them backward out the door, hear the slam of the door. Yes, I’ve discovered that energy has a signature more definitive than any fingerprint or dental record. Conscious connections, I feel in my upper chakras, while unconscious ones come mostly to my third and are less clear to identify the source (Is it Aislinn who’s sick or Shannon? Or is that my mom? I’d better call to check on Mama).

But the upper chakras…they recognize the energy signature right away.


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