Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Crimes to the Third Degree.

As of lunch today, I am woefully disheartened. It seems that there are no men left that I would give a second look. The good ones are all taken.

Flying By Night novel

Hell, so are the bad ones. Especially the bad ones. That’s what’s gotten me so disheartened this afternoon.

Which brings me to a question I’ve asked before and never really gotten an answer to: Is it possible for a man to be faithful or even semi-faithful to the woman he loves…or is it futile?

Am I being stupidly idealistic? Completely unrealistic in the world we live in where Internet sex-and-meet-up sites are rampant and “running to the grocery store for milk and I’ll be back in 20 minutes, honey” means something entirely different these days?

I see men everywhere who are married or taken (I won’t say committed, and I’m not talking about openly polyamorous relationships) but they have a string of lovers on the side and plenty of excuses as to why. And ironically, men who tell me how much they have in common with me and how little their wives understand them usually have nothing at all in common with me. If their wives really don’t understand them, I want to say, “Stop faking it and get out of the marriage.” But these men never seem shattered that they’re misunderstood—it always comes across as “poor little me…I’m so deprived.”

Grown men with libidos don’t seem stay single for long. They fill the void as soon as possible. And then, it seems, spend the rest of their lives looking for something they don’t have.

Gaaaaah. I think I’ll just go back into my cave now. This happens every time I poke my head out and check the relationship weather.

I know, I know. Not every man is like that, and I’ll feel better about it in a few hours. It’s just that…well, you see, all the married and taken guys out there who keep pursuing me aggressively just make me pull my tentacles back inside and wonder about the rest of the men in the world and whether any of them are different.

It’s been a really lousy day. At the moment, I’d just be thrilled to talk to any man who isn’t pond scum.


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