280,000 Reasons to Blog

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Crimes to the Third Degree.

In the past 15 months since I began my healing journal and began sharing it with friends, per my counselor’s advice, I’ve blogged 280,000 words. That’s over 4 books’ worth of catharsis and I’m half-way through the 5th.

Flying By Night novel

It’s no longer just about healing, but about many things. Mostly lessons and growth. Epiphanies. Little realizations. Triumphs. The continued breaking of old patterns. Moving forward. Reclaiming myself.

Blogging comes automatically now, and easily, too, because I do so much work on a digital recorder and transcribe automatically, a tip a chiropractor gave me years ago in his office when he finished our session with about two minutes of dictation and then headed for his next patient without ever getting behind or staying late. I would have thought I’d never had time or inclination to write anything else if I spent that kind of time blogging, but the opposite has been true.

Blogging has been a Goddess-send in my healing process. Once it’s out and examined and worked through, it’s often gone, or at least a layer of it is…and there have been many layers.

I often hear from readers via email, how my own epiphanies have been helpful, and I’m glad.

But blogging also opened up my creative doors, ones I’d shut a long time ago and others I’d ignored for several years. So yes, I’ve blogged 280,000 words in the past 15 months. I’ve written roughly the same in novels last year, too, though it took the first six months of the year to get into the flow of regular blogging and writing.

Blogging is something concrete, too, that helps me see my progress in the past year. And it makes me wonder how other people mark their healing time.

Perhaps they mark it in months or years. Or maybe in songs written or lovers taken or overtime worked.

I mark it in syllables.


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