Vindication of the Rights of Witches Who Love Science, Too

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Separation.

Some of my favorite conversations have been with scientists. I’m a little surprised. I’m more of a fan of musicians and artists, but in hindsight, I’m surprised by how much I appreciate the scientific mind, crave  it even. I suppose that’s one of last remaining benefits of working with so many physicists, aeronautical engineers, and explosives experts.

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In the mid-90’s, I mentioned to my ex that there was a strong  correlation  between  ceremonial  magick  and  quantum physics—and got a quick reprimand. For a long time after, I re- fused  to  discuss  my  spiritual   beliefs  with  anyone  with  a “scientific mind” because I didn’t want it pointed out that I was illogical, weird, or, um, stupid.

But I’ve found a couple of scientific minds that were excited at the possibility of science explaining “high woo-woo” concepts like psychic  activity, telepathy, energy healing, astrology, reincarnation, shamanic  journeys, and…magick. I’m still hopeful that some day in the future, I’ll collaborate with such a scientist to explain how science and magick aren’t so very different as my ex thought.

Meanwhile, I’m feeling vindicated.

While I’ve become extremely interested in Nikola Tesla and his unified field theory in the past few months—and what Alpha Female wouldn’t love his ideas of “Queen Bee” women dominating the future—I got downright giddy today over a new book  called The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe by investigative journalist Lynn McTaggart.

McTaggart’s book follows the work of physicists to explore  the  interconnectedness of everything and suggests scientifically that  humans are packets of energy connecting with a vast sea of energy. Hmmm, pretty much what I believe as a Wiccan!

Some of the best discoveries in The Field:

– That communication occurs at the subatomic level

– That cells and DNA communicate via frequencies

– That  the  universe  records  everything  and communicates everything to everything

Flying By Night novel

– That human living consciousness isn’t an isolated entity

– That the human consciousness has power to communicate, to heal, and manifest the world as it should be

Scientists are now on the verge of new discoveries that will  change the future of humanity, just as quantum physics changed the way of thinking when it was first pursued.

I can’t wait…and not because I’m Wiccan and see that magick is finally intersecting the realm of hard science, but be- cause this is the kind of work I’ve been exploring for the past year…reaching out with my consciousness to connect with the world around me, sending out energy, playing in the shamanic world, communicating with patterns of energy  that normally only those of us who practice magick would understand  and dare to admit it.


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