The To-Do-Do-Do List

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Separation.

For such a crazy week, today turned out pretty good in that  ordinary, mundane sort of way. Though I knew when I wrote shave my legs on my to-do list, I was already too busy.

The Long-Awaited Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy

As for Groundhog Day, I’d waited to see if it would be sunny or gray, would the Winter stay or the Spring come early. When I woke, we were under a tornado warning and the skies were bleak all day. All I could think about was how badly I want to get outside and plant stuff. I’m craving Spring in a fierce way, but then, February’s always been hard for me. Out  of all the months of the year, I’m less likely in February to be barefoot or connected to Mother Earth. I’m going to have to look for bird- houses this weekend, I think, and start putting the old ones back up so I can have bluebirds and woodpeckers again this year.

But  I  like  where  things  are  going,  even  the  less magickal  things, and the anticipation of things to come, especially the more magickal things.

I finally got my tax refund, realized my advance from my publisher was never cashed, and decided to go ahead and get a tooth fixed  that’s been bothering me since the roofer-fiasco caused me to grit my teeth until I cracked a tooth. I also got the name and number of the claims  adjustor for the roofer, who promised two months ago to send someone out to look at the damage they did to my ceiling while putting the roof on the first time. I’m expecting the repairs to run between 5 and 10k, and probably at least as many months to get it actually fixed.

I found some old photos today I’d forgotten about, and decided that maybe I’ll get my hair cut at an angle again— the way I wore it through my 20’s and sometimes in my 30’s. I decided, too, that it’s time to see if I’m still a candidate to get my eyes  lasered  like  I’d  wanted  several  years  ago  but  foolishly thought I needed my husband’s approval to be able to see in the middle of the night when one of the babies called and I needed to get up and find my way to her. Sheesh. Where did I ever get that idea?! I want to get that scar removed from where the dog attacked me when I was a tiny girl. And then there’s that tattoo I want to get, something beautiful, ornate, and Celtic that Jillian promised to help me design.

But some of that will have to wait and will go a little further down on my to-do list. I did manage to spend some time with “that Demon Pilates” (as a local and ill-informed local radio preacher called it, along with “that Demon Yoga”), dye my hair black-ish to celebrate  Corporate Goth Day, work on the refurbishment of the “retro  bathroom,”  work way too much overtime for the second day in a row, make goo-goo eyes at the proof of Vicki’s new book I’m publishing, write a few pages of my novel, have a weird dream that I’d just found out I was two weeks pregnant and couldn’t figure out how, and take the girls to dinner for once-a-week salmon, at which point Shannon frowns up at me over dinner and says, “Mommy, you look adorable to- night” because, I suppose, I felt happy and perky and my blouse was low-cut and I was…okay…with it  and very much at home with myself.

And I shaved my legs, too. Yes, one more thing to check off my to-do list for the day.

Yeah, I feel good. Just…good. And no particular reason to. Which is the best reason of all.


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