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My necklace keeps changing color, and it’s not a “mood necklace.”  I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation, but I don’t know what it is.

The Long-Awaited Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy

Then again, on the way to work this morning, I passed the lake near my house and saw the oh-so-cool effect of vapors rising off the water. Scientifically, I can tell you that it’s the result of the difference in temperature between the water and the air, and I’ve most frequently seen this in December and some- times in January and February when the weather’s coldest. But whether or not science explains it, it’s still tres’ cool.

The changes in my necklace have yet to be explained, even though I’m trying hard to do so.

I bought the necklace in late November, maybe early December. It’s a BioTrinity pendant, a lavender triangle with a hole in the center and with ties to Atlantis, though I’m not sure if it’s more related to the High Order or to the Atlantean rulers. In any case, it’s a BioGenesis® “master’s”  necklace. Not that I’m a BioGenesis® energy healer and certainly not a BioGene- sis® master—or that I have to be to wear it. The shape and meaning called to me, and so I bought it to wear.

Most women would think, “Yippee, a new necklace!”

and that would be the end of it. Nope. Not when it’s me.

When I put it on, I felt inclined to leave it on. I wore it in my sleep. I took it off for showers and nothing else. It be- came “charged” very quickly.

A week or less into wearing it, I was talking on the phone to a friend who is a medical intuitive. Yes, by phone. It’s not something she advertises, but I’ve seen her do this several times now, each time with an uncanny accuracy. “Lorna!” she said suddenly. “What’s the blockage between your third and fourth chakras?”

Okay, so I was surprised. She’d told me during The Great Cancer Scare of Autumn what my problem was then, and had been right on target. So how did I get a blockage so quickly? Mark had told me a long time ago that I have a first-and-second chakra issue coming, but that hasn’t happened yet, and now that I know what it is, it may not happen at all.

“Are you sick?” my friend asked, concerned. “There’s a blockage  at the bottom of your lungs, right above your diaphragm, sorta in the middle.”

I assured her I wasn’t sick, other than trying to keep warm and  avoid a case of sniffles. We discussed it for several minutes, and she was  adamant of the exact placement of the blockage. Then I bothered to  look  down at my chest, right above my diaphragm, right below my lungs, in the middle—at my BioTrinity pendant.

“Maybe you need to wear it next to your skin,” she suggested when I told her what was at the “blockage” site.

I put the necklace on the inside and nothing changed. “Make sure the face of it is to you,” she said, “and on

your skin.”

“There’s not a face,” I explained. “It’s the same on both sides.”

But apparently not, as we discovered. Although it looks the same on both sides, one side has a “face” to it. The difference, we found, was that the face of the pendant doesn’t reflect or project, as many gemstones do. It pulls in and pulls through. So with the face on my chest,  it pulls in energy. If the face is outward, it’s a blockage. I like to imagine it from the standpoint of The Matrix, where Keanu Reeves’ character might have seen the flow of energy in the infrastructure.

Okay. So…interesting how certain items correlate to energies. Like the magnetic lodestone, the pendant draws or repels. Interesting.

But that’s not the end of the story. In fact, I’m not sure where this ends because nothing stays the same.

While at Disney, the girls and I were having a particularly pleasant evening and had retired to our room to snuggle up and  watch  a  couple  of  movies.  That’s  when  my  necklace turned…blue. Yes, it’s  lavender and looks like amethyst, but it turned a lovely shade of baby blue. For the several weeks I’d worn it, the pendant had been purple at all times. Over the next week, the pendant alternated between blue and purple.

I tried to look at it scientifically. Maybe it was temperature? No. Maybe lighting? No. Maybe my imagination? If so, the girls were imagining it, too, as well as other friends and relatives who’ve seen it change.

Maybe it’s my moods? No. Both happy and sad at times when it’s  been blue or been purple. Stress? No. I was very stressed when it was  both blue or purple, and much less so when it’s been blue or purple, too.

Environment? No. Purple during my visit to my parents. Both purple and blue at home. Both purple and blue at the office. Both purple  and blue on vacation. Both purple and blue while visiting Vicki. Blue in a restaurant. Blue on the countertop in the master bath after a shower and purple by the time I put it on and walked into the bedroom to answer the phone. No discernible difference. But prior to that night, it had been only pur- ple in any of those places.

I asked one of the Nolalaln guides and was told that it has to do  with the energy fields around me, but then, doesn’t everything?

It’s a cool effect, but one that’s not as easily explained as the  difference in temperature between water and air. I’m sure there’s a  scientific  explanation, but it hasn’t presented itself to me yet.

Meanwhile, I’ve placed a call to the people who sold me the necklace and normally are able to answer various questions about  BioGenesis® and energy healing. They couldn’t answer this one. The pendant comes in lavender, blue, pink, and clear, they told me. Mine was in lavender. They don’t alternate. Or at least, not that they’ve ever heard of.

In any case, it’s changed again. Last night, while chatting with  Shannon in my living room about Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary, it changed to…pink.

Next time I head to work and see fog rise off the lake, instead of rushing to the office, I think I’ll stop and watch a little while longer.


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