Going Backward, then Moving Forward: The Recording Studio

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Separation.

Wow. This must definitely be a growth phase for me. Seems for so very many months, I was shedding old stuff and now I’m going back  and picking up all the things I’ve denied myself for years and years and adding them to my life or adding them back into my life if I’d left them behind. Like wanting to have a recording studio.

The Long-Awaited Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy

When I met my musician friend David in 2000 online via Maggie Shayne, we got into a cooperative book and music venture where I advertised his songs at my website in exchange for some funky pagan disco music. Later I met him in person—we were both in the Black Forest Clan. Unfortunately, when I left the Clan, he was forbidden from further contact with me, so I no longer have any deals going with him and have been wanting to put some downloadable music on the Spilled Candy website for the past year.

My writer-pals and I recently have been talking about getting  into  podcasting some of our books and articles. This definitely matches  what Lauren told me three years ago about my writing being combined with the spoken word in the future. I couldn’t imagine how then, except I did like the idea of audio books and trying my hand at producing my own.

Today, that is starting to happen. The seeds of it, anyway.

The girls came home a half-day early from their dad’s because he was sick, so they got the pleasure of accompanying me to  Office Depot for some emergency supplies due to pre- orders on Vicki  Hinze’s new writer’s book, One Way to Write a Novel.  As  we  walked  through  the  software  section,  Shannon spied the Acid Music Studio  software her composer cousin in college uses and we started talking about  how I’d wanted for years to give it a try. Once we’d found out what we  might be able to put together for podcasts, she started calling all her musician friends—some quite good singers and guitarists—and inviting them to collaborate once she figures out the software.

And…we’re off!

I’m in the middle of getting several other projects finished right  now—not to the mention taxes and royalties—so Shannon will have to learn the software first, before I can dig into it myself. But I’m excited. It’s just another something I’ve yearned to do. Yes, I’m now moving forward.




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