“But First, Open the Door”

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Separation.

I feel another message coming on. As with other messages, it  belongs to more than one person, and I can think of several of my rocket  scientists who read my journals that this could apply to, based on our  recent conversations. Seems the Ether has decided this is an appropriate way to get the word to its recipients. Anyway, here goes….

The Long-Awaited Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy


When will you learn? It is not that you believe money equates to happiness. You do not. You are intelligent enough to know that the gold in your pocket will neither buy your peace of mind nor warm your heart in the  night. Yet you still miss the lesson. You still make choices that bring you  grief and emptiness.

You do not equate money with happiness, yet you define security in terms of financial wealth and the prestige of your titles and gold. It is security you crave. This draws its roots from childhood and even from previous lives. You learned early the chill of never having enough and you  have set your entire life before you with the firm intention that you will  never want again because want brought disaster to those you loved and caused pain you do not want to feel again or to cause. You fear the want.

Yet all you can do is want. You set your mind to work and you set your hand to work for the fruits of your long hours of labor and by the skill of your mind, these fruits come. You choose, again and again, the security that gold will buy for you and you turn a blind eye to true  prosperity that is yours and waits for you. Your choices limit you, bind off  your future as surely as logs across a river or a cord above a bleeding wound. You feel you have no choices, but chains that hold you back are your own.

You wish to break free of the path you are on, and you wish for security as well. You are pulled in every direction of the wind. You will either break free or you will be torn apart. You are coming to understand that  you  can have the prosperity of your dreams, if not the wealth of your dreams, and that life will flow  more  gently  once  you  have  reconciled  your  path  and stopped rooting yourself in desperation for gold and status  so that you can rise above, can soar, can transform. But you still fear it.

Life Coaching Tips

With courage, you hope to press forward for your freedom but  cannot yet move. For the moment, your choices are limited, but this is not a rock that pins you down forever. Look for ways to change the path. Look actively and hard. If you are not where you want to be and cannot break free now of where you are, then think ahead to the moment you will break free, to how you will break free, to where you will go and what you will do that will bring you the joy you deserve. Think on it. See it first in your mind, then let it happen. Make it happen but let it happen. You have thought on this before but would not let happen what was there for you.  You would not accept what was offered to you. But it is still there, still waiting. Delayed, but still waiting.

Change your choices and be what you are to be, not what others have wanted you to be. Go where you want to go, to where you feel called. But first, open the door.


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