Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Third Degree of Freedom .


Okay, I had the last medical test today and I don’t have the official results but things are looking pretty good. In fact, I’ve been told unofficially to cut out the caffeine, up my intake of Vitamin E, and burn my bra. Wa-hoo!

I knew something was up when, about three times in a row, I accidentally got a yucky diet soda I wouldn’t take a second sip of instead of my very favorite sweet tea from the drive-through at Danny’s. I drove back to work griping, “Okay, okay, I’ll drink something else,” and then back at the office, all the Cokes were gone in the machine and I got stuck with a Caffeine-free Sprite. Why have I been hearing in my head for the past two weeks to ditch the soda? Aw…the Grape Fanta, too?

Ah, and then I remember Will at the Unity Church back on 5 March when he was channeling from the Great Hall of Records and looking up at me from the healing table and saying, “They’re telling me to tell you to lay off the caffeine!” I did, for months, but with several late nights in September and Shannon’s Vanilla Coke sitting there, tempting me in the kitchen like a bad boy beckoning, I’d gotten back into the habit to stay awake on early mornings. But okay, I get the message!Flying By Night novel

I wonder if I can have chocolate, and the moment I wonder, I remember Will adding, “But you can have chocolate.” I guess he was answering my question months before I asked it.

Still waiting for the official results but…well, at the moment, I’m feeling rather relaxed, relieved, and as I pop off my bra…unrestrained.


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