What Aliens Really Like About Humans

Third Degree Ebb and FlowOriginally published in Third Degree Ebb and Flow.

My third workshop for the Florida Pagan Gathering was fairly crowded. I never saw several of the attendees at anything else related to the weekend events. Maybe they were aliens or angels or something just dropping by!

In any case, that was the workshop on building worm holes, Field theory, inter-dimensional portals, etc. Fun stuff. Turns out, the people most interested in discussing the material afterward with me were ceremonial magicians and lots of folks kept asking when the book is coming out. Um, well, I must get it written….

But at one point in the workshop, I was talking about how to use the portals for healing and communication, to focus and amplify energy. The room got very quiet and the conversation very serious, with me hypothesizing that other life forms might be able to lower their energetic frequency and help us raise ours so that they could communicate with us.

At that moment, that brief lull of one-second silence after suggesting other life might want to tell us what they want from a relationship with humans, a student’s cell phone went off, its musical ringtone blaring to attention….

“I like…big butts and I cannot lie!”

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