Survivor 20 Heroes vs Villains: Look to the Law of Attraction for Spoilers

Survivor Heroes vs Villains like

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WARNING:  SPOILERS BELOW.  Aw, but watch it anyway online to see how the Law of Attraction plays out.  That’s even more fun than the show.

For someone who watches less that 2 hours of TV per week, including news and weather, I used up this week’s quota on the premiere of Survivor 20, aka “Heroes vs Villains. ” I turned on the TV to check for local school closings with the wacky winter snowstorm promised here in Floridaand got hooked immediately on the premise.  It’s one of the few reality TV shows I’ve ever been a fan of, a few seasons here and there, because I enjoy the psychological aspects of the human interaction.  The idea of teaming up past heroes and past villains, or people who acted like that in the past, holds a lot of possibility for the education of how teams and organizations structure themselves and how people react under pressure.  Their attitudes have a lot to do with how they play the game and how they deal with the mental and physical stress, and it’ll be interesting to see which team disintegrates first or goes against their category of villain or hero. Some of the heroes have admitted they’re willing to play dirty–maybe–this time and then Boston Rob, on the villain team, pleasantly surprised me by

stepping up and making fire.  Of course, he also admitted that since his villain days, he’s married and had a child, and he’s matured somewhat.  Yes, it’ll be an interesting season.

Though one of my favorite moments was when the entire villain tribe first set up camp and no one wanted to do more than 10 minutes’ of work (whereas the heroes were all chipping in and feeling the positive energy), something I noticed right away was how the Law of Attraction was in full play–and gave hints quickly as to what was to come. I love the way the like-attracts-like showed up right away, not just in how the players were separated but how they interacted within the teams.

Coach and Jerri Manthey?  Bwahahahahahahaha.

The way the heroes pitched in and worked together?  Nice.  Very cohesive, at least initially.

The sudden panic of “We’re going to lose our lead!” or “We’re not going to get this puzzle put together in time!” seemed to be self-fulfilling prophecies.  Nothing like competitive pressure to bring out insecurities, magnify them, and turn them into game-breakers.  Wow, did those manifest almost instantaneously!

My all-time favorite character to watch–and I always watch the episodes that have him featured–is tie-dye-wearing Rupert Boneham. I think a big part of his popularity is because he seems to think about life the way most people do.  He’s an underdog, a hard worker, someone who believes that good will prevail…if you struggle enough and that it’s going to be hard and you’ll have all sorts of obstacles to overcome.   He’s a classic co-dependent, out there martyring himself to make fire and struggling with it, seeming to feel that it has to be him, that he’s got to be the good guy and take care of everyone else, even though they’re all well-proven.

The big thing I noticed about Rupert this time was how quickly his fears and worries manifested.  With two injuries in the game on the first show, of course the broken bone would be Rupert’s.  This is something to make his struggle just that much harder.

So this season, I’ll definitely be watching.  Not so much for the human interaction (which I can always find at my day job if I’m really craving watching people stab each other in the back, create alliances, and fall in love unexpectedly), but mainly to see how the Law of Attraction plays out in a one-hour edited show.  Should be lots of great examples that we can see in one easy sitting per week, and that’s a lesson we can take with us throughout the week–seeing how they manifest those fears and hopes and making sure we manifest more of our hopes than our fears.



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