The Boomerang Effect, aka Karma and the Threefold Law

Photo credit by El Ray; creative commons license

comes around, as you sow so shall you reap, what we send out returns to us three-fold, the Law of Attraction–it’s all the same.  Karma, justice, balance, completion.

Every day, we “send out,” usually without conscious thought of what will come back to us.  If you live your life by walking in truth, then there’s really not a lot to worry about.  If you send out truth, compassion, and love, then having those things come back to you is simply a multiple blessing.  If you live your life that way, then you probably already recognize the process of getting back what you send out–even if you don’t call it that–and you probably have a sense of serenity, comfort, and gratitude for much of what’s in the life you’ve created for yourself.

That’s because what you are “sending out” is what creates your life.  I doubt anyone’s done a scientific analysis of the Threefold-Law to see if what is received after being broadcast or sent out is an exact multiple of three, but it does seem to come back in a greater magnitude than sent out. It’s too bad we can’t see it as a whoosh of blue energy sailing away

away from us like a boomerang and walloping us back.  That return of energy, that boomerang, comes back with greater force and definitely affects where you’re standing.  If you’ve sent out the darker side of yourself, then it certainly does come back with a punch, hard enough to shape what you’ve started building and multiply many times over.  So what you send out becomes your world, what you’ve created.

How is it two different people can view the same planet and its daily occurrences so differently?  One sees flowers and sunshine and dancing by firelight.  The other sees nothing but lies, conspiracy, and impending doom.  It’s the same planet but worlds apart.

If you send out fear into the world, then it comes back to you, and that becomes your world.  You see doom and conspiracy everywhere you look, even in the simplest of things.  Every word out of the other political party is a lie, every action taken by employees of a company is a conspiracy, every minute is one minute closer to a post-apocalyptic future.  The more you look for it (sending out those thoughts), the more it comes back, geometrically expanded.

I’ve seen too many men whose self-talk throughout the day is “How am I?  I’m old, fat, and bald,”  even though most of the time I’ve heard them mutter this, they were still young and athletic, with a head full of hair.  How odd that they became old, fat, and bald within a year or two.   Whereas none of these men would have walked up to a stranger and said, “Hey!  You’re old, fat, and bald!” they said it to themselves and about themselves all the time.  Like a daily affirmation or prayer request, throughout the day.  That’s what they were sending out and back it came.  I’m always astonished to see how quickly this self-talk comes back to them and their world changes to match it.   They hear it all the time, then they believe it, then they become it.  And it started with them.

It’s sad to watch, but a rather common story.

“Benita” puts out a “nothing can go right and then I’m going to have to fix it” vibration.  She seems to have more bad luck than anyone else I know, however sweet and selfless she is.   If something goes right in her world, then it’s obviously a fluke, as she will tell you.   If I drop by her desk at work, she’ll tell me—every time—about an incredible disaster with her case load that just happened, and it will be the strangest screw-up you’ve ever heard of.  Not her fault but she’s always left to fix it.  And she does.  If I drop by her house, there will always be some kind of mess that is more than a little inconvenience.  She’ll tell me all about it and what a pain it is—the frozen and burst water pipes that flooded the kitchen, the small tornado that clipped the roof, the tree that fell in a freak windstorm and bisected the new car, the computer virus that wiped  out the database for her home business, the rats that chewed through the electrical wiring in the attic and started a small fire that was caught just in time but caused way too much damage.  Then she’ll explain that it looks like anything than can go wrong will find her.   She lives in a world of misery and inconvenience that never seems to end.

It’s sad to watch, but a rather common story.

“Eb” is different.  Unlike Benita, he doesn’t mumble “negative affirmations” about how bad everything is.  Instead, he tries to create the world he wants through deception.  Yep, he lies.  If something crops up in his life that would make his world a little worse, instead of listening to the feedback and seeing what he’s been sending out, he chooses the easy way out.  At least it seems like it’s the easy way.  At heart, he’s a coward.  He can’t man-up and walk in truth, so he uses lies like Band-aids.  They seem to patch things up for the moment, and he’ll worry about the next moment when it gets here.  And for that next moment, he needs a bigger lie.  He has told so many lies that he can no longer remember what is a lie and what isn’t, and he camouflages them by insisting that everyone else is lying.  The world he lives in is in constant turmoil.  His lies have cost him the trust of people who love him, created trouble with supervisors who can’t depend on him,  and caused suspicion among those who would do business with him.  His world becomes more dire each day as he sends out more lies and they come back in a form that threatens his dreams and continues a vicious karmic cycle.

It’s sad to watch, but rather a common story.

“Evie” has had some really hard knocks in her life.  You name it, it’s befallen her.  The abusive husband, the sexual abuse as a child, a lingering but terminal illness of both parents,  children with drug problems,  a costly divorce, a failed career,  losing her home thanks to her husband’s gambling habit.  That’s all in the past now. The one good thing, she says, about having been in such a bad place for most of her life, is that she no longer sweats the small stuff and now knows what really matters.  What really matters to her is having peace and tranquility in her life.  She takes daily walks by the little stream on her new farm, enjoying every step and loving how peaceful the trail is on early mornings.  She spends half an hour every evening under the stars, often with her new boyfriend who loves and cherishes her in ways she’s never known existed.  She is exhilarated by wonder of life.  Even though she still has intense money problems left over from her marriage, she doesn’t sit and weep over them—and after some crazy brainstorming ideas, her new business prospects have begun to improve enough that her old debts have dropped by more than a half.  She sends out a signal to the world that “I am loved and am always taken care of.”   The answer comes back in a wave of energy that makes her feel at peace with everything in her life, and she lives in a beautiful, happy, fruitful world.

It’s a pleasure to watch, but rather an uncommon story.


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