May 2009’s Full Moon Rituals and Meditations for the Flower Moon

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The May Full Moon, aka the Flower Moon, occurs in Scorpio on May 8, 2009 (May 9 elsewhere) at 11:01 PM Central time here in the Florida Panhandle. This Full Moon, I feel, is all about…speaking our truth and using that truth as a sword to separate ourselves from that which would hold us back.  More on that….

Scorpio, a water sign, is generally about intensity, sexuality, secrecy and truth,  healing, and regeneration. With the Sun in sensual and earthy Taurus, this particular full moon in Scorpio will have all that extra intensity that only comes from Scorpio.   This combination is squaring the conjunction of Jupiter (expansion), Neptune (idealism/spirituality), and Chiron (healing), with communications-oriented Mercury in retrograde and a romantic Venus/Mars conjunction.  It’s time to step forward and say what we meant to before but for whatever reason could not, to speak the truth of who we are and what we really want, and let the healing pour forth.

For those of you who routinely read my suggestions for meditations,

, you know how this works. I share this unraveling of images I have just before a New Moon, Full Moon, and/or Eclipse and you’re welcome to use what makes sense to you. For most of last year, I’ve been following this “story” of a river of emotions connected with Moon phases–everything from bridges over rivers to the structure that holds the river in its banks, to surfing the river, to becoming the river, to rising above the river in a parasail…all taking me “around the riverbend” to a beautiful new vista that is lush and green. For those of you who know me personally, you’ve watched in amazement and then horror at how some of these influences have played out in my life and how I’ve been healing from some heartbreaks and reached a place of happiness again.

For links to previous meditations, just search the Astrology or Ritual category on this site.

Thus far, the past year’s meditations have included Bridges, Riverbanks/Structures, Surfing/Sailing, Parasailing, Becoming the River, Rocks, Rebuilding the Riverbanks, Covered in Healing Mud, Washing off the Mud and Dancing Naked in the Sunlight, Beginning to Play in the River Again, Full-on Splashing in the River, Speeding around in Fun but Directionless Circles in my little boat, Picking up a Passenger or two as we zip forward, and then Deciding to Go Ashore.

Which brings us to this Full Moon’s meditation: In this meditation, I am well past that point of standing beside the river, licking my wounds after the bashing from last Autumn. I have been dipping my toes in the river, dancing tentatively in the sunlight, and splashing watch all around. I have hopped into my little boat, the one without oars or a rudder. In spite of all the hurt of this past year, I’ve decided that it’s worth it to get back on the river and see where it takes me, even though I’m not steering. My motor has been running and I’ve been moving forward even though I don’t really know where I’m going, but along the way, I have picked up a passenger…a travelling companion for this journey.  I have leaned out the boat and linked arms to pull him into my craft with me, to this safer place I have to offer.  In fact, I’ve picked up a whole group of passengers (lovers, dream, wishes, and desires) and, rather than sink the boat with our extra weight, we’ve allowed our boat to run ashore and we’ve climbed out onto solid ground before a daunting but beautiful, deep forest.

We walk barefoot up the riverbank, its lush green grass cool under our toes as we make our way toward a deep green forest.  As we come closer, its tall tree blot out the sun and we stand in the shadow of something new, some place we have not been before.  We check our armor and find that we all still carry it.  But we also carry weapons as we stand at the mouth of this vast forest.  We reach into the bands around our waists or backs and pull forth swords.  Long, beautiful blades with ornately designed hilts.  Mine gleams, some sort of brass etched with swirling designs.

I hold out my sword in front of me and speak my truth, my own personal truth that I may have thought but have never committed to sound.  I speak several of them, including, “I am happy.”  It comes out in a whisper because not everything in my life is as I’d like for it to be to have my ultimate happiness.  There are loved ones missing and far and there are minor worries, too.  So I re-examined my whispered truth and see my blade begin to glisten against the shadows ahead.  I can’t honestly feel happy that there is any lack in my life and when people I love are hurting, I cannot not recognize their pain when I want them, too, to be happy and here with me, and me completely happy with my life.  So I restate a more indelible truth:  “I am happy with myself.”

My sword of truth becomes a giant key and as I turn it with my wrist, the forest begins to open, split down the middle like a curtain, and light pours out where the veil of darkness parts.

What is YOUR truth?  The thing you’re afraid to say because of what others might think?  Are you afraid to admit that you’re smart?  That you’re worthy?   Trying saying it aloud under this full moon in Scorpio and use it as your blade of truth to take you forward on your path and open new doorways for youself.


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