A Frustrating Moment of No Movement…or Is It a Powerful Pause?


Pausing on the beach on Thanksgiving Day, Grayton Beach, Florida, (c2008, by Shannon Bailey) …

(see second photo below)

This is a Powerful Pause. I’ve been paying attention to my intuition for several years now, and sometimes I’m able to step aside and take a look at what I “know” is coming as opposed to what I wish would come.  Whether you call it the ebb and flow of life or a matter of pause and action, these are definitely patterns to pay attention to, and right now, for me, I am once again in a state that I call a “Powerful Pause.” About a year ago, I had inklings…knowings…of some of the things that were to come.

It was like being in the middle of a huge sense of preparation in all areas of my life but quite a bit in the social/romantic sector.  There were moments when I had flashes of a man in my house, living with me in a wonderful and pleasurable relationship that I could hardly imagine, but they were humorous flashes of insight, too.  Like fussing over the towels for the shower.  Just mundane daily activities that were magically happy in each moment.   There were times  of walking  the path down by the marsh where the fireflies glow and the falling stars fill the night sky, and I felt a man’s arms wrapped around me, watching the twilight on the waters of the Bay.

But none of this was happening in my daily life back then. I was busy with work, family, friends, creative projects.  Tremendously busy.  And then I had an urgent sense of needing to prepare my nest which I calmed with summer repair projects and re-construction that desperately needed to be done.  It was a sense of “prep time!”  and pausing to get everything ready for a new stage of my life.  I feel as if I got a really good taste of that new phase of activity and intensity before it retrograded back into another phase of preparation.  Almost like the Gods said, “This is how good it can be.”

So now I am again in a state of a Powerful Pause.  I am refusing to see this time as bad, non-productive, or terrible.

Thank you for reading!  The complete version of this article is now included in Give Your Life Direction.


…and about 5 seconds later! (c2008, by Shannon Bailey) …


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