The Astrology of Meeting "The One"

NOTE TO READERS:  This is the original “The Astrology of Meeting the One” article by Lorna Tedder, published in 2008.   It has been lifted verbatim and republished without proper credit on various forums, which is a violation of my copyright.   I have 3000 articles on this site and I work hard to provide thought-provoking information.   Further, this article  was erroneously tied to my daughter’s name after she allowed me to use her credited photo on the page; her name on Googled astrology forums was a hindrance to her job search.    Please do not repost this article but rather, link back to it if you wish to share it.   I’m not  charging you to read it, but it IS my work and this is its rightful home.   Thanks for understanding.

If you’re not interested in astrology, just skip this post because it’ll be too obscure for you.  If you are, or you want to see how such patterns apply to your own love life and when you’ll find love again, keep reading. Or skip to the summary at the bottom.

Because I learn about astrology by applying it to my own life, I’m interested to see what patterns show up in the meeting of what we romantically call “The One,” or potential “The Ones.”  So here’s a look at what was going on in my chart when I met 5 different men, at the point that a relationship started that was significant.  I won’t provide dates for all of these but I’ll start 30 years ago as a teen and end with the most recent.  Hmmm, this could be fun!  Help me spot the trends and I’ll tell you what patterns I see in my “significant meetings.”

Depending on where in the year the relationship started, I look at the current or the coming solar year to see the focus for that year.  For trends, I look to the progressed chart.  To see if anything earth-shaking was happening at that moment of the first meeting, I look at transits.

Guy #1:


  • Saturn was transiting my 7th house of partnerships, at about 12 degrees
  • True Node approaching my Vertex (turning point)

Solar Chart:

  • SR Venus conjunct natal Venus
  • SR Saturn conjunct natal Uranus

Progressed Chart:

  • Progressed Mars/Mercury/Chiron conjunct my natal Ascendant
  • Progressed Sun and Ascendant conjunct within a few degrees
  • Progressed Moon conjunct natal vertex within a couple of degrees

Guy #2:

Transits:  Not much going around  the time of our first meeting–surprising since I later married this man but it was years later.

  • Transiting Ceres (nurturing/mothering) conjunct natal Vertex (turning point)

Solar Chart:  (note that this was DEFINITELY a year to fall in love–very clear in the chart for the year if not in the actually meeting time)

  • SR Moon conjunct natal Moon
  • SR Venus conjunct natal Ascendant
  • SR Venus, Sun, Mars in 5th house (romance)
  • SR Mars conjunct natal Venus
  • SR Pluto and SR Lilith/Juno in 1st house

Progressed Chart:

  • Progressed Sun and Ascendant were in exact conjunction  (I guess I was all shiny!)

Guy #3:


  • True Node transiting natal Sun

Solar Chart:

  • SR Moon on Descendant (relationships)
  • SR Jupiter conjunct natal Juno
  • SR Pluto in 5th house and conjunct natal Neptune
  • SR Vertex in the 5th house

Progressed Chart:

  • Progressed Mars conjunct Sun

Guy #4:


  • Uranus transitting natal Chiron (he was in the medical field)
  • Lilith transitting natal True Node

Solar Chart:

  • SR Vertex and Pluto in the 5th house
  • SR Sun, Venus, Juno, Uranus in the 7th house
  • SR Venus conjunct natal Ascendant

Progressed Chart:

  • Progressed Jupiter conjunct natal Ascendant (exact)
  • Progressed Moon conjunct descendant within a few degrees
  • Progressed Lilith conjunct natal Vertex, within a few degrees

Guy #5:


  • Uranus transitting natal Venus, 1st house
  • Eclipse conjunct Jupiter/Mars/South Node
  • Transitting True Node conjunct South Node (very karmic feel)
  • Saturn transitting 7th house
  • Sun transitting descendant

Solar Chart: (definitely a year focused on relationships)

  • SR Vertex and Pluto in 5th house  (AGAIN!!!!)
  • SR Saturn in 7th house, conjunct natal Vertex
  • SR Ceres conjunct natal descendant
  • SR Uranus in 8th house, conjunct Venus
  • SR Neptune, Jupiter, Juno, Chiron, Mercury, Mars all in 7th house, with True Node on Descendant line and Descendant conjunct natal Saturn

Progressed Chart:

  • Progressed Moon and Vertex conjunct, exact
  • Progressed Lilith conjunct natal Vertex, exact
  • Progressed Jupiter conjunct natal Ascendant within 1 degree

So what did I find out?

  • According to this pattern, regardless of when I meet a man, that point where I fall in love and the relationship begins is in the fall of the year.  EVERY TIME.  Always between the end of August and early November.  Outside that window, it’s just not happening.  I may meet someone earlier in the year, but it’s never anything more than a dalliance and has no long-term effect. Autumn is when deep feelings and attachments begin for me.
  • Conjunctions with my vertex, or the “turning point” in my chart, tend to signify a major relationship, particularly when in my progressed chart.  This is especially true of Moon-Vertex conjunctions for me.
  • Activity involving my Ascendant, Descendant, and Nodes tend to be significant.
  • Solar return charts that are heavy on 7th house activity are significant but one very definite pattern is the appearance of Pluto in the 5th house of the year closest to when the relationship takes hold–as noted above, there’s either a baby involved or a major relationship begins to express itself. Now that’s worth looking closer at….
  • Just for grins, I ran charts to see which years had Pluto in the 5th house and Pluto and Vertex in the 5th house, starting in 1978 (when it didn’t occur). This configuration has occurred 4 times, and each time was either a pregnancy or a major relationship.   After this year, Pluto is not in my 5th house again until 2026…pretty doubtful I’ll still be fertile then, but hey, you never know.   Technically a major new relationship doesn’t have to be a child or lover, I suppose.  Too much can happen between now and then, so I won’t think quite that far ahead!
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