The Metaphysics of Cheating—Hints that He’s Found Someone New and One Sure-Fire Way to Know (Part III)

Love Birds by Road Fun.

Photo by Road Fun; creative commons license
Continued from Part II of this series….

  1.       An unusual new sex trick. If he hasn’t obviously been reading a self-help book to spice up your relationship or searching such advice online, a new trick in his repertoire might be cause for alarm—especially if he seems to be well-practiced at it.  Most first-time tries have a few fumbled attempts.
  2.       The mention of a new person. A lot of men and women want to be “honest” with their mates so they mention a new love interest, without the references to love or sex, so that they can later say, “But I told you about him/her.”   There’s usually some point of admiration or friendliness that’s described.  I knew immediately that I had competition when a former love interest of mine suddenly told me on a Monday morning about the amazing professional services offered by another woman’s business and that we should patronize her little company.  He was business partners with her competition!?!  The adoration in his voice and the blatant praise for her, using words he’d once used for me, made their connection obvious even though it must have sounded innocent to him.  He caught my inquisitive stare and shut up, but six weeks later, he confessed that this fascinating woman in his life was no longer as fascinating to him but—oops—she was also pregnant.  Conception date?  The Friday night before when he’d missed a party with me to attend an unexpected social occasion at work.
  3.       Unusual tastes in music. People don’t spend decades hating jazz and then suddenly find it a turn-on.   Betsy was a country music lover with a hatred for anything Top 40 or hip-hop.  Her husband began to suspect something had changed when he repeatedly found her car radio tuned to a particular station, which happened to be a favorite of her lover’s.  Not only that, but she changed her ring-tone to match the station’s top song.  Since when did this “Redneck Woman” like “Candy Shop”?

Watch for  the next three telltale signs in the next installment of this series, coming later in the month.


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