Birth of a New Consciousness by alicepopkorn.

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For the past year, I’ve used “going with the flow of energy” as a guideline for making the most of my efforts.  On a very tiny scale, this principle was as simple as having a sudden urge to clean the house from top to bottom—and doing it while I felt the urge rather than reminding myself that I’d planned to spend the day at the beach or I needed to go shopping.  I mean, how often do I get a cleaning urge?  Most of the time, cleaning is drudgery, so when the flow of energy is for cleaning, I’d better do it.  I find that it’s fast, it’s good, it’s quality.

That’s been true of the past year and how I’ve used the flow of energy (or urge or empathic desire) to get things done in my life.  It’s like having a tailwind to help move me along.

I’ve noted that the flow of energy moves in days or even moments sometimes, and other times, a particular push will last for several months.

For example, from December 2007 until March 2008, the push I was getting seemed more health-related than anything else.  I took advantage of it to start a new eating program, a new exercise program I stuck with until I injured my foot, a new way of thinking about things.  It took time, yes, and effort.  But instead of telling myself that I didn’t have time to spend 5 to 7 days a week exercising because I needed to spend my time on work or maybe actually date some,  I went with it—and enjoyed both the activity and the results.  It was a strong force and by March, I was in great shape and feeling wonderful.

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In April, for the entire month, I was hyper-focused on productivity of creative projects.  I barely slept 4 hours a night because I just couldn’t put down the work.  I was having so much fun!  A part of me kept saying, “But what about this guy you were interested in?”  And though he was interesting, he couldn’t hold a candle to the creative projects that kept me up all night.  We had a chance to spend a terrific weekend together before he left the country but I actually preferred to finish my creative project to the foot rubs he’d promised.  But I was going with the creative energy and I knew that the social energy would come later, and that shifting my attention to him rather would have made the desired romance not flow so sweetly.  My heart was elsewhere—in the children of my creation.

Over the summer, the energy focus honed in on home and hearth, on preparing and feathering my nest.  That including all sorts of home repairs, major house refurbishment projects, and yard clean-ups that lasted the entire summer.  I hated living in a construction zone but the results were sweet.  Not only that, but I had both girls home for the summeras well as their houseguests and several spiritual gatherings.  The house was full of good kitchen smells, flowers, live music, and laughter.  The energy shifted away from good exercise habits, though, as my foot injury kept me from my usual routine.

Almost as soon as the major house projects were completed and the summer guests all left, the energy shifted into something social and sweet, with more date-able men arriving on my doorstep than I had time for.  I really don’t have the patience to date three men at once, no matter how great they all are.  But the autumn months shifted into new friendships and new relationships and away from work, creative projects, and good health habits.  I let a lot of my daily chores and routines drop in favor of spending time with new friends (to which Luna will attest), but I knew enough to go with the flow of energy and just enjoy because the energy would shift focus soon enough.

Now it’s time for the next shift.  In some ways, the shifts seem to be moving backward through the astrological houses and I’m not dealing with 2nd House issues, but I’m not certain of it.  Just an observation that must bear out more testing.

This one seems to be more about tying up all those loose ends I’ve left flapping in the wind since summer.  It’s sort of a backlash to go with the energy flow for so long but it’s shown me some very important things that I knew in my head and now have had reaffirmed in my heart.  This shift or phase is about rearranging some things in the life I’ve built to have the life I want—and that means rekindling my good health habits, staying productive and creative, and structuring some streams of revenue that I won’t have to think much about.

You see, I know that if I’m emotionally involved with someone again, I’ll want to spend  a lot of time with that person, not secreted away in a closet while I write my novels or working alone on a house repair project  or dancing at a festival somewhere.  So I need to make arrangements in my financial house so that I have time with and time away from my partner.  That may be as simple of globetrotting with someone while I have my laptop under my arm.  Or it may be that I spend two or three days working and then spend my weekends with a partner.  I guess the point is, I want to splinter my focus as little as possible, and that means all the mundane stuff should run as smoothly as possible so that I can immerse myself in all aspects of life when they present themselves.

I’m not sure how long this particular shift will last, but the results are bound to be marvelous!


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