Something like paradise by kat's here.

Photo by acorna; creative commons license

I temporarily gave away my power and my happiness, and it’s taken the past week to get it back and get to my previous place of serenity.  (Sort of–I’m not quite there yet because there are things unsaid that I cannot say now.) The truth is, I’d been watching my happiness fade in places over the past six or more weeks, replaced by a rollercoaster of intense emotions and a classic mind-fuck situation.

It took a long time to get to the place in my life that  I was three months ago.  I was happy with myself and my life, loving life, enjoying every minute. Life with my daughters and their friends constantly in my home was fun and light and happy.  That harmonious Three of Cups energy that I refer to.  I was mostly done with the largest repair projects on my home and loved the new look.  Work has smoothed out and was pleasant enough, and I had several writing projects in the works.  I was dating but not sleeping around, and enjoying the socializing, even though the men themselves were hit or miss.   I was really quite content, adventurous, happy.

But there was a sense of a new level of happiness just around the corner.  In fact, ….

Thanks for reading!  This article in included in its entirety in The Long-Awaited, Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy.


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