Photo by Shannon Bailey; copyright 2007; Lorna Tedder atop the Mayan Pyramids on Christmas Day

Sometimes we get lost in a hellish week or two and we forget to be grateful for what we have.  I  got reminded of that this morning, all within about 15 minutes.

First, I found out that a special baby in my life has been accepted  by the Shriners’ who’ll take care of her exceptionally rare condition, all expenses paid.  It’ll be a long haul but she’s very much loved and the Universe is taking care of her.

Second, I have a terrific friend in Luna, who has been my shoulder to cry on and is insistent I have dinner at her house more often.  She doesn’t just listen to the drama and pass judgment—she offers practical solutions, and from a place of experience in areas I’m not familiar with.  She also knows now to watch for when my empathic emotions override my natural emotions, which is something I often don’t recognize immediately.

Third, my dear friend Aquarius Girl is shaken, bloodied, and bruised, but she is alive and on her way home from a business trip where she and a colleague were robbed at gunpoint while leaving their hotel.  She’s a scrapper, and running like hell probably saved her life.  Emotionally, she’s one of the strongest people I know but I know she has a crumbling point coming when she’s no longer in shock.  But I’m very grateful that she’s not hurt worse.  My world would certainly be a smaller place without her friendship.

And last, after looking at pictures of pal Maggie Shayne’s post-housefire-reconstruction of many, many months, I realize just how lucky I was last month when a neighbor’s tossed-over-the-fence barbecue coals ignited a huge fire that was dangerously close to my house.  It was put out before the fire truck arrived, and there was no damage at all to my home or property.

So regardless of what else happens today, it’s a GOOD DAY.

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