Clarity is a beautiful thing…eventually.  To be honest, the fog can be prettier but sometimes it’s best if you see the truth.

It’s one of those things that highly spiritual people ask for.  They don’t ask for money or power.  They go for the more spiritual quality that can help them on their own journeys and help them help others.  But once granted, it can initially be brutal.

I remember a ritual I did in Summer 2002 for clarity.  I used the Kennazrune.  I wanted to be able to see my path more clearly and those around me.  I certainly had other ideas in mind when I asked for clarity and marked myself with the rune in oil, water, and wine.  I probably wouldn’t have asked for it if I’d had any idea how it would manifest.

The other person in the ritual asked for plentitude.   That person got it–plenty of what was already there, including the lack of money, lack of self-respect, lack of honesty.  It’s taken years to see how it’s manifested.

For me, I asked for clarity because I was unsure at the time of what was going on in my marriage.  Clarity came to me, in waves, each one washing away more of the muck and showing me new things, including things I didn’t want to see.  It was through clarity that I began to see how I’d been deceiving myself so that I could live a life that was barely tolerable with someone whose energy was oppressive.  It was through clarity that I realized several of my closest-held relationships were justpretty prisons.

Kennaz  is associated with the torch, with light, with fire.  I can’t say I didn’t get burned when clarity showed me the truth of what I was looking at, and for a while, it did seer.  Once I made the adjustment to the situation and understood what had been veiled from me, I began to appreciate the light on the matter.

After the initial gasp, after the figuring out how to handle matters when the fog cleared, after all these years, I am so grateful for the clarity.


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