Slam the Door Shut to Bring in Something Better

Behind Door Number Three by anyjazz65.

Photo by anyjazz65 at; creative commons license

“Nature abhors a vacuum.”  —Francois Rabelais 

Or to put it another way:  When one door closes, another opens.Or, when one door closes, a window opens.Or to put it the Lorna-way, When one door closes, find me a sledgehammer because I’m making a hole in this freakin’ wall.However you look at it, it’s a sense of a vacuum being filled and the idea that an emptiness is unnatural in the laws of nature and physics.

When one important thing leaves our life, it’s not long before something else enters to fill the void, or try to, and sometimes in a much better way than ever before.  I’m sure there’s a Universal Law that applies, but it’s really a sense of balance.

This is most often true when we let go of things from our past that have been holding us back.  Releasing what was painful leaves a void that must be filled—either with more pain or with something very sweet and joyful….

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