Relationships and Astrological Signs

To find out what gifts a friendship or relationship has to offer, just look at their astrological sign.  I don’t know why I didn’t realize this before, but it’s really inherent in the personality.  And, as always, I learn best through living my lessons.

For example, my Aquarian friends have taught me a new, revolutionary vision of myself and my individuality.  Aquarius is known for being visionary and revolutionary, and all about the individual and uniqueness.

From Libras, who tend to be rather judgmental, I learned to judge myself too harshly.  Virgos taught me to be overly critical of myself.  Not that Libras and Virgos are “bad,” but rather those are the lessons or gifts I received from those particular Libras and Virgos.

Being a Pisces, I tend to offer—whether I realize it or not at the time—sensitivity, compassion, and nurturing in my relationships, and often…an unconditional love.  I merge emotionally with people I’m closest to,  given that I’m an empath.

When did I make the association between astrology and what I get and give in relationships of all sorts?  When I was thinking about how much healing has occurred in my life recently, specifically of the sexual and trust sort and a feeling of rebirth and regeneration.  And who should I learn this from but a Scorpio, the sign of healing, regeneration, sex, and trust!  Hmmm, yeah.

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