Passion Is Killing Me (aka the Uranus-Venus Combo)

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Passion is killing me. I can’t keep going like this. I have got to get more than 3 hours of sleep per night!

I had been warned about this.  All the prophets in my life told me this was coming. I’ve been hearing about it for several years now from older women and more bohemian pals.  An astrologer friend who told me it would kick into high gear around the first of April says I can look forward to this noteworthy “Venus” shakeup time lasting for nearly a year.  I’m not sure I’ll survive that!

It’s not turning out quite as I expected, though.  My astrologer friend had warned me that most people who endure this extremely passionate phase usually have a wild affair that ends a long-term marriage OR they meet a new lover who keeps their attention tied up for a while (or vice versa).  And I’ve been sooooo looking forward to this astonishing new love interest I’m told is surely coming.

But then, my astrologer friend says that sometimes the Uranus-transits-natal-Venus conjunction means that it’s a jolt of amazing creativity that’s fueled by this normally once-in-a-lifetime passion.  Venus, of course, usually relates to romance, creativity, and sometimes the flow of money.

Heh.  Guess which one I got?

Oh, not that I’m complaining. Not at all.  Since the 31st of March, I’ve felt as though I were channelling creativity direct from the Gods.  I don’t want to go to sleep at night because I’m so excited about the things I’m working on.  And I can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning because I’m so excited about the things I’m working on.  I don’t remember the last time I had that kind of mind-orgasmic experience where I was so competely wrapped up in my passion for what I was creating that I started to worry about my physical health because while the desire is this hot, my body’s not getting enough rest.

All I know is that this energy surging through me is powerful and can’t be wasted.   Maybe it’s a good thing that things kept interfering with the plans that The Darling Boy and I have made repeatedly since summer.  Not that being in a car wreck on your way to a weekend with me isn’t a really good reason to cancel.  But if it hadn’t happened, I have the feeling we’d definitely be in a relationship by now and he’d be getting the benefit of all this high-powered electricity I’m carrying in my veins, and I’m not certain that would be a good thing for either of us anymore.

On the other hand, someone interesting I had not expected to see before next year has just popped up on the radar with big plans to pamper and adore me. “Pampering and adoring” being a good thing, of course.

So where do I put all this ecstatic energy?  Creativity or Romance?  Why not both?  Who needs sleep anyway! (Um, other than me….)

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