Life Purpose: Why Some People Just Don’t Get it

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Life purpose.  Some people just don’t get it.

Then again, some people want everyone else’s life purpose to match theirs.  This is really rather…normal.  We live our lives by a certain theme and we cannot understand why someone else isn’t as passionate about that theme as we are.

If you’re a long-time fan of my personal blog or if you’ve read some of the more recent editions of my Third Degree Diary self-help journals, you know the story of how I discovered my life purpose and how I use it as a guideline for everything I do. You know, too, how much more smoothlymy life has been going since I started adhering to my life purpose rather than letting myself be talked into everyone else’s good cause.

My life purpose is to celebrate being different by connecting with the energies around me and sharing my experiences with others.

Every time I’ve ventured away from that one mission statement, both before–and yes, even after–I knew my life purpose, I’ve gotten my ass kicked. I learned the hard way to use life purpose as a rigid guideline that I do not step beyond.  Much of this past year, I’ve been putting behind me things I’ve done in the past that did not match my life purpose–things that manifested over time even after learning my lessons, things long in the works and not easily ended–and if anything, seeing the cause and effect of not living by my life purpose has made me even more determined to hold the course….

Thank you for reading!  The complete version of this article is now included in Give Your Life Direction.

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