Christian Witches: Caught in the Middle?

Is there such a thing as a Christian witch?


The answer for most Christians is an unyielding “No!”


The answer for most pagans is equally firm. “No!”

But for a select group of devoutly spiritual people, they most definitely do define themselves as Christian Witches or, if they have a problem with the W-word, as New Age Christians. Christianity and Earth-based spirituality are not mutually exclusive to them.

Often these Christian Witches are former Catholics who can readily tie the Goddess trinity of Maiden, Mother, and Crone to Virgin Mary, Mother Mary, and Saint Mary. It’s not unusual for Christian Witches to attend Catholic or Protestant churches with their families, friends, and neighbors and practice their magick alone or at least discreetly.

They honor Jesus as a prophet, teacher, and ascended Master, at the very least. Some connect the resurrected Jesus with the Green Man mythos or the sacrifice of the God at Lammas. Some believe firmly in the Goddess, whether they call Her Mary or Mother or even the Holy Spirit.

They burn candles readily, usually in petition for protection or healing. They have a fondness for gem stones and crystals, essential oils and herbs, and divination techniques.

They belong to both worlds and yet fit easily in neither.