Observations on Enjoyment and Manifestation

* I am enjoying men more. Not in a slutty sort of way but in simply watching them move, interact, be.  At the end of my workout, I often find myself just sitting for 10 minutes or so, watching the hundreds of muscular twenty-somethings in t-shirts and shorts on the athletic field. There was a time when I wouldn’t be “caught looking” but now I can enjoy them for the male creatures they are.

* I still enjoy being around people who like to save people, especially dating them–doctors, defense lawyers, Special Ops commando boys, firefighters, etc.  However, I’m less inclined to spend time around people who like to save others by “sacrificing”….

Thanks for reading!  The complete version of this article is now included in The Long-Awaited, Honest-to-God Secret to Being Happy.


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