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If you’d told me 6 months ago that I’d love Mondays–that they might even be my favorite day of the week–I would have said you were crazy. For good reason, too–I’ve hated Mondays for my entire life.

Here’s what’s wrong with Mondays…or what was wrong:

  1. The weekends are never long enough. I hate going to bed on Sunday night and thinking of all the things I didn’t get finished or even started.  How many times have I run into someone in the elevator on Monday morning, five minutes before hitting the threshold of my office, and heard, “How was your weekend?” and the resulting response, “Not long enough.”  No matter how much work I finish on Saturday and Sunday or what a great time I have with family or friends, I need a little extra me-time and by Sunday evening, I’m only just beginning to unwind.
  2. The work environment is always so tense on …

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