Birthday Gifts of the Intangible Sort


While yesterday was a day for celebration of my birthday, today was all aboutcontemplation.  I took the day off from the workforce grind and played barefoot this morning in my yard in the windy sunshine that whispered of impending Spring.   Technically, I’m celebrating all week because…well, because I want to.  Because I feel like it.  Plus, my motto for 2008 is CELEBRATE EVERYTHING!  Wonderful new things are definitely about to sprout.

I spent part of the day engaged in a spiritual endeavor for several hours.  I received “gifts” for the coming year, though I don’t exactly get to open them all at once.  Much of this next year will be about physically manifesting the things I’ve been calling to me for some time now.   Some doors are opening that have been closed for a while, and I’ll be able to shift into a new way of being that I’ve been wanting.  Among the gifts coming to me this year are elation, joy, tremendous creativity, a merging back into All Consciousness, greater vitality, moving into a higher frequency of being, more alignment with Earth energies, a perfect balance of giving and receiving, living by the Divine Law in balance and harmony.  The predominant theme for this birth year, however, is elation.  Not a bad birthday gift at all.

I am able to see how things are shaping up for this next year to take me to where I want to go in my life.  This is going to be a very busy month to kick it all off with, but I’m definitely feeling up to the task!


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