Fully Engaged

Copyrighted by Lorna Tedder. Originally published in Love in the Third Degree.

I love it when things start to fall into place, especially when it had once seemed impossible. There’s something to be said for keeping your eye on the agenda, though the people who originally scolded me with those words did so for their own reasons and it’s ironic that what they cautioned me against was exactly what was used as the impetus to bring these changes. But it felt right and that’s where I went, regardless of the “logical” path I ignored in favor of the one that people not on my path could not understand.

Attract Him Back

In many ways, it’s a perfect example of the Law of Attraction working quite well.

In April, I graduate from Phase I of the career transition program I’ve been working through for the past 8 months. I started with an end goal, a result I wanted, not knowing how to get there. Along the way, things happened to show me the structure of what I wanted, and stepping stones appeared out of the murk. A couple of months ago, I panicked because I was nowhere near where I thought I’d be, where I thought I absolutely and unrealistically had to be at that point, even with all the progress I’d made. Tragedy, annoyances, death…life…got in the way of some of the more productive areas where I wanted to spend my time. My world got turned upside down and yet I found the structures I needed were still there, even if much of the reason for my grand plans was suddenly nebulous at best.

Last night, while talking to Yoda, I casually mentioned something that interested me, a particular demographic and dynamic that I really hadn’t put conscious thought into. But I knew it was important when I said it and she seized on it. As we began to explore this area, I realized I had my market, my audience, for what I am choosing to do and where I’m choosing to go. Quite the epiphany. It all fits. The books, the courses, the personal interaction. It fits better than I ever thought…and some of the plans I hadn’t been thrilled about will fall to the wayside and that’s good because they didn’t excite me enough. They were good, and they were useful, and I learned valuable knowledge about me, but they’re not part of the focus.

This means I’ll have to rewrite some of the material I’d been working on, but it’s not such a big deal. What I’ve written already to launch my website and new project will have to be tweaked to fit this niche, but how is easy now that I can see what it so obviously is. All the many hours of work I’d planned to put into the project but didn’t because of funerals, weather disasters, personal tragedies, etc, would have been wasted, though, if I’d stuck to my original idea.

The emotional devastation of the personal tragedies during this Phase has yielded a deeper focus on the importance of bringing this dream fully to fruition. The big lesson—related to this particular plan, that is—is that there can be no fallback position. This is about building a life of abundance that’s mine alone, separate from anyone else though certainly there to be shared.

So as of now, all the plans are fully engaged, moving forward. With the next month, perhaps a little longer, so begins the implementation of these plans.