Ghosts in the Mirrors

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Back in college, one of my term projects was to find and point out erotic objects in advertising as part of my demonstration of how subliminal advertising works.  Yes, there were plenty of phallic symbols–some VERY plain–in the shadows and curves of liquor ads.

I’ve heard the same about “orbs” that show up in photographs.  They’re pollen, they’re humidity, they’re dust, they’re smudges.  Tonight, something interesting showed up in my daughter’s photos with her new high-speed camera that she got for her birthday.

She was taking a picture of her hair to chronicle its length since she’s determined that her hair will be butt-length by the time she finishes high school.  That’s her in the photos with her back turned and her hair well past her shoulders.

What was surprising was the multitude of faces we saw in the mirrors behind her.  Many, we could explain away.  Sorta.  There weren’t reflections on the mirrors or anything on the opposite wall or smudges on the mirrors.  One in particular was very interesting to us.       Both my daughter and I saw a face of a young woman, straight hair, turned sideways a little, almost like her hand against the mirror.  That’s a windchime in the corner of the room, hanging in front of the face.

And in case it didn’t stand out right away for you…..


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