Transiting Mercury Square Natal Pluto

Transiting Mercury Square Natal Pluto

This astrology lesson highlights Transiting Mercury Square Lauren’s Natal Pluto in the novel, Midlife Mirages.

Transiting Mercury Square Lauren’s Natal Pluto

Transiting Mercury square natal Pluto is an astrological configuration marked by intense and often uncomfortable transformations in communication and thought processes. During this transit, one might experience deep, probing conversations or uncover hidden truths that bring about significant change. The energy of Mercury, governing communication, and Pluto, symbolizing transformation and power, clash, resulting in a period where one’s deepest fears and desires might come to the surface, demanding to be addressed.

The Unfolding Pain and Dark Intrusions

In Chapter 2, Lauren’s life is the embodiment of the intense clash of Mercury and Pluto. We find her grappling with both physical and emotional pain, curled up in her bed, trying to soothe herself with memories of Jesse, her partner. The pain from a recent procedure is overwhelming, and as the numbing agent fades, she reflects on how her life has been transitioning from numbness to acute pain over the past few months. This parallels the transit’s energy, where buried emotions and thoughts surface, demanding attention.

As Lauren drifts into a fitful sleep, she senses an ominous presence in her home, a dark entity seemingly sent by another witch. This entity, fueled by jealousy and rage, invades her dreams, leading to an encounter with Christabel, whom Lauren has cared for in the past. Christabel appears in a disturbing dream sequence, fleeing from a human pursuer. Lauren awakens, her witch senses alerting her to imminent danger. She realizes that this dream is a warning—a hallmark of the Mercury-Pluto transit, where hidden threats and deeper insights come to light.

Determined to protect Christabel, Lauren rushes to her aid, guided by her intuition and the urgent messages from her dream. This section of the chapter vividly illustrates the transit’s themes: the emergence of hidden dangers, the urgency to communicate and act on these insights, and the transformative power of confronting and overcoming fears.

For a better understanding of the astrology lesson presented above, try Book 2 of the Rites of Passage Trilogy, Midlife Mirages.
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