Knight of Shields - Celtic Tarot

Novel Tarot: Knight of Shields – Celtic Tarot

I love beautiful tarot and oracle cards, so for each chapter of each novel I write, I draw a card from one of my decks and read it intuitively. For this chapter, I drew Knight of Shields – Celtic Tarot. See the bottom of the page for information about the novel.

Someone to Lean On (Chapter 6), The Lost Teachings of Dead Monks

Since this is the second consecutive chapter in Lilah’s point of view, and we’ve just seen what a blessing Raven is to her on their second meeting, let’s look at Charlie and the direction of his relationship with Lilah.

I’ve drawn the Knight of Shields from the beautiful Celtic Tarot deck since most of this story takes place in Ireland. In this deck, shields are the same as pentacles or coins in other decks, and this knight is often seen as a young man on a horse in mud.

On this card, the knight is not riding a horse but a large copper-red dragon, walking through snow. The knight is barefoot and seemingly ill-prepared for such cold weather. The dragon is massive, heavy, but doesn’t sink into the snow.

Instead, it feels to me as if it is taking slow and cautious steps, knowing how quickly it could go sliding and sprawling. He’s not stuck, which is often how I read the Knight of Pentacles, but seems to be walking carefully, heel to toe.

That’s the energy I see in this Knight of Shields – he’s moving forward, no matter what, but carefully and at any moment, he’ll lose his footing.

Law of Attraction novel

Law of Attraction, magical library, ancient artifact, witches and librarians. Both Lilah and Charlie try to use the Law of Attraction to get what they want but manifest their fears instead.

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