Void of Course Moon

Understanding Void of Course Moons in Astrology

A Void of Course Moon occurs when the Moon makes its final aspect before changing signs, signaling a period of reduced influence and effectiveness.


A Void of Course Moon (VOC Moon) occurs when the Moon makes its final aspect to a planet before changing signs. After this final aspect, the Moon is considered to be “void of course” until it enters the next sign. This period is believed to be a time of reduced influence and effectiveness, making it less favorable for starting new projects or making important decisions.

Importance in Astrology

1. Reduced Influence:  The VOC Moon is believed to have a diminished influence on events and actions during this period. This is because the Moon’s energy is considered to be “unfocused” or “dispersed” as it prepares to move into the next sign.

2. Less Favorable for New Beginnings:  Astrologers often advise against starting new projects, making significant decisions, or initiating important actions during a VOC Moon. This is because the Moon’s reduced influence might lead to less favorable outcomes or delays.

3. Focus on Reflection and Preparation:  The VOC Moon period is often seen as a time for reflection, contemplation, and preparation. It’s a good time to review past actions, plan for the future, and allow for a period of quiet before starting new endeavors.

How to Identify Void of Course Moons

1. Astrological Ephemeris:  An astrological ephemeris lists the exact positions of the planets and the Moon throughout the year. By consulting the ephemeris, you can identify the times when the Moon is void of course.

2. Astrological Software:  Most astrological software programs can automatically calculate and display the periods when the Moon is void of course.

3. Manual Calculation:  You can manually determine the VOC Moon by tracking the Moon’s aspects and identifying the final aspect it makes before changing signs.

Examples of Use

– Scheduling:  Astrologers might advise against scheduling important meetings, signing contracts, or launching new ventures during a VOC Moon.

– Decision Making:  It’s generally considered less favorable to make major decisions or commitments during a VOC Moon.

– Reflection and Preparation:  The VOC Moon period is a good time to reflect on past experiences, plan for the future, and prepare for new beginnings.


The Void of Course Moon is a unique concept in astrology that highlights the Moon’s changing influence and its potential impact on events and actions. While not a universally accepted concept, understanding the VOC Moon can provide valuable insights into the timing of events and the potential effectiveness of actions.

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