Part of Fortune

Understanding Part of Fortune in Astrology

The Pars Fortunae, or Part of Fortune, is a crucial astrological point indicating luck, success, and well-being, derived from the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant.


The Pars Fortunae, also known as the Part of Fortune, is a calculated point in the natal chart that represents luck, success, well-being, and material abundance. It is not a planet but a calculated point derived from the positions of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant.

Importance in Astrology

1. Indicator of Luck and Success: The Pars Fortunae is considered a significant indicator of areas where an individual is likely to experience good fortune, success, and fulfillment. Its placement in the chart can reveal the areas of life where these positive influences are most likely to manifest.

2. Material Abundance: The Pars Fortunae is also associated with material wealth and prosperity. Its placement in the chart can suggest areas where an individual might find financial success, gain material possessions, or experience abundance in their material life.

3. Personal Fulfillment: Beyond material wealth, the Pars Fortunae is also seen as a point of personal fulfillment and happiness. It can indicate areas where an individual finds joy, satisfaction, and a sense of purpose in life.

How to Identify the Part of Fortune

1. Calculation: The Pars Fortunae is calculated using a specific formula: Ascendant + Moon – Sun. The result of this calculation is then placed on the natal chart, revealing the sign and house where the Pars Fortunae resides.

2. Astrological Software: Astrological software programs can easily calculate and display the Pars Fortunae in a natal chart.

3. Manual Calculation: If you are familiar with astrological calculations, you can manually calculate the Pars Fortunae using the formula mentioned above.

Examples of Use

– Natal Chart Interpretation: The Pars Fortunae’s placement in the chart can provide valuable insights into an individual’s potential for success, happiness, and material abundance. For example, if the Pars Fortunae is in the 5th house of creativity and self-expression, it might suggest that the individual is likely to find success and fulfillment through creative pursuits.

– Transit and Progression Analysis:  The Pars Fortunae can also be considered when analyzing transits and progressions. A planet transiting over the natal Pars Fortunae can indicate a period of enhanced luck, success, and opportunity in the areas governed by that planet.


The Pars Fortunae is a valuable tool in astrological interpretation, offering insights into an individual’s potential for luck, success, and fulfillment. By understanding the placement and influence of the Pars Fortunae, astrologers can gain a deeper understanding of the individual’s strengths, opportunities, and areas where they are likely to experience positive outcomes.

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