Aries Solar Eclipse Meditation

Aries Solar Eclipse Meditation

This Aries Solar Eclipse Meditation offers a visualization above life’s turbulence. If you are using it in conjunction with an eclipse ritual, I recommend you read the previous post on details of the Total Solar Eclipse so you can incorporation this information into your meditation.

You may read the following the meditation or, if you prefer to listen, you can find the spoken version on my YouTube channel.

Written Meditation for a Aries Solar Eclipse:

As we begin this guided meditation, I invite you to find a quiet, comfortable position to sit or lie down.

Close your eyes and take a deep, slow breath in through your nose. As you inhale, let your belly expand like a balloon filling with air. Now gently exhale through your mouth, letting all tension melt away. 

Take several more slow, full breaths, inhaling calmness and exhaling tension. With each breath allow your body to relax further into the support beneath you. Feel the gentle rise and fall of your torso and the whisper of breath in your nostrils.

Now visualize that you are standing on the bank of a surging river, surrounded by lush green forest. Pause and allow the scene to form vividly in your mind’s eye.

Feel the spongy moss and earth beneath your bare feet.

Hear the chorus of birds singing in the trees around you.

Smell the crisp scent of evergreens blended with the mineral tang of rushing water. 

Let your gaze travel to the turbulent river before you. It is powerfully churning downstream, opaque gray waters flecked with white foam.

The sound grows to a roar as you approach the water’s edge.

Notice how the hair on your arms stands up in the wind kicked up by the racing current.

Feel a fine mist against your face as the water crashes against boulders and surges onward.

This river represents the intense currents of change swirling within you and around you now. Transformation is underway. New beginnings emerging. Though the passage may be intense, you have the strength and wisdom to navigate these rapids skillfully. 

As you stand firmly rooted on your stretch of riverbank, sense energy welling up from the earth to mingle with the spark of inspiration growing in your heart.

When you feel sufficiently grounded and centered, visualize gigantic wings of light emerging from your shoulder blades. Stretch them wide, angling them to catch the wind with each breath. 

Inhale powerfully as you crouch down, then leap upwards, pushing off strongly and launching your body into the open sky above the treetops.

You arc higher and higher through billowing clouds until they fall away to reveal endless blue sky and sunlight all around you. 

Glide on uplifting air currents, wings spread wide to their full span.

Up here you are cradled in tranquil stillness, the water now a winding blue-gray ribbon far below.

As you fly steadily higher, your vision expands.

Miles of forests give way to patchwork farmland and finally the glimmering sea.

With eagle-sharp sight, you can see clearly in every direction from this lofty vantage point. 

Breathe slowly and deeply, filling your lungs with crisp air.

A profound sense of liberation and perspective floods your entire being.

You understand that no challenge or limitation can keep you earthbound unless you allow it.

You have unlimited capacity for vision, creativity and leadership. Like the lone eagle, you were born to soar.

When your soul feels sufficiently renewed, angle your wings to begin a long, lazy downward spiral back towards the river.

Let the blessed stillness of this altitude imprint itself deeply within you as the shining thread of water grows steadily nearer.

Make wide, unhurried circles downward through fluffy white clouds until you emerge beneath them, locks of hair damp with mist. 

With powerful beats of your wings, guide your body back down towards the waiting forest.

Touch down lightly on the mossy bank once more, your bare feet embracing the living earth.

Feel your toes curl into soft green moss.

With gratitude, fold your wings of light gently back into your shoulders as you stand tall, centered in your power. 

Take a few more slow breaths as you come back fully into your body, keeping with you a hint of pure oxygen.

Know that you can return to this inner altitude whenever you need perspective and renewal.

You now hold the vision and courage to chart your course forward from this powerful turning point, integrating eclipse energies skillfully into your life.  

When you feel grounded and ready, gently open your eyes, bringing your focus back to the room around you.

Audio Meditation for a Libra Full Moon:

You can find an audio version of this meditation on my YouTube channel under my Audiobooks and Meditations playlist. If you have the option, slow the audio to 50 to 75% speed–I wasn’t able to slow it down in a timely manner when I was uploading it. I’m now opening this free channel up for subscriptions, so remember to subscribe so I can make it worthwhile to share audiobooks at YouTube. I need only 1000 subscribers to hit the algorithm to expand the channel.

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