OPTIONS. That’s the word to keep in mind, the sweet nothing the Universe is whispering to you.

I was just talking to a friend about this and realized that most of my private conversations are displaying the same patterns. Both personally and professionally. In our homes, in our offices, in our country. We are all spinning between this possibly & that one, all trying to make the path we’ve chosen into what we want it to be or the path we’ve fallen onto without sufficient vigilance into anything other than what we allowed.

We have more options than we realized—it’s just up to us to decide what’s best for us, and if we had not had to experience the churn, we would not have looked for better options. Options are born either of chaos or necessity.
And yes, you can apply my ponderings to almost any subject you wish. That application will tell you where your focus is and what you need to change, whether it’s a personal relationship or the defense of our homeland.

Key Takeaway: There will always be a lot of options, and it’s just up to us to decide what’s best for us.