Manifesting Near Misses

Manifesting Near Misses

Discover why seeing fragments of your desires indicates they are not manifesting and learn from manifesting near misses.

If you want to know that something is NOT manifesting for you, you will see not the object of your desired manifestation but fragments and shades of it. Almost like this is as close as you can get to it.  

I’ve noticed this several times before.  

For example, with a former relationship I had thought was going in a particular direction, I kept seeing that guy’s vehicle parked in my driveway in my meditations. I really thought he and I would be sharing my home. I had a bad feeling when an identical vehicle to his showed up in my driveway repeatedly…belonging to my new neighbor’s college kid who was parking on my property without permission. My intuition told me that this was as close as my guy and I were going to get to sharing space. And yet…he did indeed ask to move in with me, two days before the truth came out and I dropped his lying…  

All shades of him and the desired end state but nothing coming into being. Just manifesting all around it.  

Something I’ve been working toward let me know tonight that it’s not going to manifest. How did I know? 

There are certain names and facets associated with it. While running an errand tonight for tomorrow’s office offsite, I ran into a guy in my neighborhood and he was wonderfully helpful. Then I saw his name on his badge, and it was almost identical to the project I was hoping would manifest.  

These fragments of what I desire are not a sign that manifestation is close but actually the opposite. It’s repeated trying and failing to manifest, and these things are near misses, but misses all the same.  

Lesson learned.  

Key Takeaway: If you see fragments of what you desire, something is not going to manifest for you.

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