Astrology as a Hobby

Astrology Hobby: How to Offend an Astrologer

The world of celestial patterns unfolds as an astrology hobby enthusiast recounts her journey of discovery, intuition, and a deep-seated connection with the cosmos.

I am told that I offend professional astrologers everywhere when I use terms like “astrology buff” or “astrology hobbyist.” However, I use those words about myself, not about the pros.

Astrology is indeed a hobby of mine. I love looking at personalities, patterns, human dynamics, influences on culture—astrology is one of those ways. I’m told that I’m actually much better at it than I think I am, but to me, again, it’s just for fun and self-enlightenment. I’m more of a believer in astrology and its patterns and what they say about personalities than I am in Myers-Briggs or any of the umpteen different personality quizzes out there.

I have not studied astrology formally. Everything I know is through examining my own life and the lives of those around me, seeing what is going on in their charts at the time. It’s what I call “applied astrology.” I don’t charge hundreds of dollars for my readings. I don’t use special software to provide computer-generated reports or reports that I can edit into my own. I don’t sell my astrology information or hobby as part of my business because, again, it’s just a hobby.

I do readings occasionally, sometimes very extensive readings for close friends and sometimes for people I work with who are going through a hard time and need some direction about their future or why certain problems keep cropping up as a pattern in their lives.

Around the year 2000, I was asked in a formal spiritual training program to put in print what I wanted my esoteric skills to become in 15 years. At the time, what I wanted was almost like a dream. I wrote down things like:

  • intuition,
  • empathy,
  • being skillful enough that I can actually read tarot cards instead of just looking at the pretty pictures and trembling at the one for death,
  • being able to read an astrological chart both for myself and for others,
  • having useful visions during meditation, prophetic dreams of things that I could do something about rather than be helpless.

That list I made, those intentions I set in public intention, were lost long ago, but it still surprises me to this day how many of them—all of them—have come to pass.

No, I’m not a professional astrologer who reads for pay, or really who reads for any stranger at all, so please don’t ask as I just don’t have the time.

But I can read a chart, my own and others’. And I improve every day as I continue to explore this hobby, often exploring it here with you and sharing what I learn.

Key Takeaway:

The way to offend an astrologer is to call them an “astrology buff” or “astrology hobbyist.” But if you’re really just a hobbyist, you can improve your skills by exploring.

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