Psychic Authors, Climate Change, and Presidential Elections

Some people have asked if I’m a visionary, and others have asked if I’m psychic. I’m not sure there’s that much of a difference, but I’ve always been able to see trends stretching out into the future. I know this is true of other writers who are extremely intuitive, but often  these prophetic visions of the future come out in my stories.

Around 1990 or ’91, I wrote a lengthy novel that began with a prologue based in the future, about 25 years or so. It was a future in which there were no oversized computers but every perceivable piece of electronics was carried in the protagonist’s hand in a slim, lightweight phone.

In 1996 and ’97, while recovering from a back injury, I wrote a lengthy novel that included a future following a climate change event in 2018 and its aftermath in the third decade of the 21st century. I didn’t call it climate change at the time, but the events I described would be deemed so in a very real 2016 and I’m now seeing evidence of the event in my book coming to pass in the next two years.

By 1997, I could look at the publishing industry and follow the thin dotted lines into the future to a time when e-books and self-publishing would dominate the publishing world and the era of traditional publishing and the publishing behemoths who had dominated both the industry and their authors would dwindle to nothing. I knew it was coming–a time when you could download an e-book on the go and it would be considered a real book. That was so far into the future then that I wasted too much time trying to publish through the traditional route and writing books that publishers wanted, but that I didn’t want to write.

It would’ve been far more lucrative if I had spent the next 10 to 15 years writing the manuscripts I wanted to and stashing them away for publication when the e-book era did arrive. By the time it did arrive, my focus was elsewhere professionally, on another career field, and dealing with family issues, and yet, I watched a new publishing era ushered in just as I had seen it. When I published my first e-book as an experiment in 1998, it was as a word doc file that everyone was afraid to download, and as a 3 ½ in floppy disc that my readers preferred.

In the late 1990’s, I plotted and outlined a complete book the still nags me to write it. It was based on dreams of a past life in the sixth century, during an era of massive climate change that I was later able to match with research. I did a lot of research over the intervening years into what we now call climate change and how climate change effected the human race, as well as the planet itself, over the centuries and how it most certainly will again. I could see the trends and the patterns, just as I could with publishing and with technology.

On a night in early 2014, when it was twelve degrees here in Florida, friends and family laughed when I mentioned the term global warming and insisted that that was some liberal politician’s fantasy. They didn’t understand. They were looking at the moment in time and not the many moments over time–the trends, the patterns, what has happened in the past, and the wave that continues into the future. It is only over the last year that climate change is beginning to pick up steam, no pun intended, in the mainstream media.

And so, mark my words, the 2016 presidential election may not feature climate change as its number one discriminator (though future elections, I think, will). However, the person who is elected President in 2016 will see events pass, under the time in his or her administration, that will change the course of the human race.


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