Meditation: Fox Hole vs Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole

Usually, when I write about meditations, they’re my own. In this case, the meditation was someone else’s, but it was specifically about me.

A friend shared this meditation with me and then called to let me know that something that was once important to me would be coming back into my life. When she first called me, she asked me if I saw any difference in the meaning of two different terms and, although they sound like they might be the same or at least similar, I can think of a few terms that I see more directly opposite than foxhole and rabbit hole.

In her meditation, a creature with the head of a dragon, a serpent body, and a silvery tail dove into a deep hole, disappeared and returned shortly with something retrieved, just for me.

Something I’d lost but was being given back to me.

In meditation, she asked where the creature had gone when it disappeared and the answer came back, distinctly both foxhole and rabbit hole.

Foxhole, to me, is more of a military term. It’s a defined space big enough for one man, maybe a few. It’s about protection and it has a connotation of hiding, taking cover.

A rabbit hole, to me, is something else entirely. A rabbit hole is about “going down the rabbit hole.” About seeing how far it goes. About chamber after chamber, opening up into another tunnel and another chamber. It’s about exploration and adventure.

If the hole is both a foxhole and a rabbit hole with their specific connotations, then the question remains…what is it that the creature has gone into the hole to retrieve?  Try out the dragon meditation for yourself:  look at where the dragon enters the hole, look at the meaning of the hole for you, and then look at the gift it brings back for you.

Key Takeaway: A foxhole is for hiding and protection while a rabbit hole is a series of tunnels and chambers for exploration or even safe travel.


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